: '68 de ville starter/electrical SNAFU

07-06-12, 04:27 PM
I replaced the bulbs in the rear reading lights

'engine temp' light came on - and has remained on ever since

[whether the key is in the ign or not].

battery went completely dead after that

I replaced it with a good used truck battery {have kept it unhooked}

15-20 attempts at starting - none have worked

despite testing and recharging the battery [after sitting for a few weeks at a time

so ... I took it to a mechanic [who kept it for 2 weeks] -

he told me it was a bad connection at the alternator.. I drove it home

the engine temp light came on 3 days later and it's been downhill ever since so to speak...

anything anyone's got will be more than I have,. thanks!!


07-06-12, 10:17 PM
I would check the voltage regulator. One of the points inside could be sticking, causing a back feed, even with the key in the off position. Tap on it with the butt of a screwdriver and see if the light goes out. I am thinking the engine temp. is actually your alternator light. If the engine temp light is on, usually a warning buzzer comes on too (past experience). Maybe the two warning lights got crossed somewhere along the way.