: Warning...Got wrong parts from a forum member...

07-05-12, 04:52 PM
Since I didn't get a resolution from dealing directly with him, I'm taking my issue to the forum.

I placed this want ad for stock springs for my 05 V.


Some time went by and got an email from George Ioannides saying that he had a set that came directly off his car. We work out the details and I pay him. I get the springs and give them a quick look. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I had to wait until my work schedule cleared up in order to get the car in the shop to change out the springs. 3 months go by and I finally get to the shop. A tech comes in and tells me there is a problem. I go out to the shop and he shows me the springs. The rears match fine. The fronts are 2 different springs about 1 inch difference in height. I didn't have anything done to the car until I confirmed the issue. I snap a couple pictures and contact him, with the picture, as soon as I got home. I go to the dealer and have them run my VIN and check the part numbers. The numbers are the same for the left and right front springs. I send him another email, with a copy of the dealer invoice, asking for half my purchase price back since the backs are fine. He tells me that they came off his car and that it sat level in the front and that it was my fault for waiting so long to get them installed. He wasn't refunding me any money.

I filed a complaint with PayPal even tho it was after their 45 day limit to dispute and get money back. It still goes on his record if there are any further issues with his transactions. I just picked up the new front springs today and here is the picture.


The two on the left are the springs he sent me. The two on the right are the new ones. I have them lined up against an old picture frame so they were all even. You can see the difference in them.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Maybe I'll get my money back.

07-05-12, 06:11 PM
There's a chance he passed them on unknowingly if he wasn't the original owner or didn't remove them himself...still doesn't explain neither of you catching the length issue. If he was a stand up guy he'd give a partial refund with a return.

I recommend changing those out yourself if you have the tools and time, it's fairly simple to do.

07-05-12, 10:37 PM
From the other side of things after 3 months it is tough to give refunds, as a seller you don't know what has happened, if they have been used for three months then taken off, or if there is buyers remorse. It is really important to examine purchases as soon as possible after receiving them.

The forums can be a little easier to give refunds as we are a "closer group" then eBay or amazon and such.

Still strange that the springs would be wrong though...

Good Luck

07-06-12, 08:09 AM
I agree with the above statements. I have changed many springs over the years and do not see how you didn't notice a potential problem during your initial assessment. Most used car dealers don't even give a three month warranty unless it is part of the manufacturers original warranty or you buy an extended warrranty. I would take this as a lesson learned and next time inspect the parts more closely. Did he ever state that their was any type of guarantee? Three months is a LONG time after a sale to ask to return a part because you didn't inspect it properly when it arrived. Good Luck