: what is t"set timing mode?

07-05-12, 04:45 PM
I'm in southern california, and today my 88 was in for it's bi annual smog test, it failed on NOX test at 25 mph, with 1032 PPM, ( 706 allowed) not sure what that means, but the car, all of a sudden is showing "set timing mode" on the display as well, it wasn't before I went in, not sure if the tech went into diagnostics and tried to set something? but now can't seem to clear it, and the only codes I get are eo46 and b141 both in history. I just moved last week and unfortunately my service manual is packed away and we haven't opened that box yet so I can't check it.. can you tell me what's happening ?


07-06-12, 12:39 PM
He probably used a jumper wire on the ALDL connector to get to base timing mode and didn't remove it. The under hood decal explains the base timing method. It should also have a wire with a green connector close to the distributor that might also have been disconnected during the SMOG test and needs to be reconnected.

07-06-12, 09:22 PM
Thanks Carnut, that's exactly what it was. the jumper was in still in the connector under the dash by the hood release, I just never noticed it.. Couldn't find the green connector though. Anyway, now I get to figure out what is out of range causing the excess NOX reading.