: Is the Fast Idle Valve essential ?

07-05-12, 03:58 AM
Hi All, I have a 79 Eldo with the 350 olds engine .The Fast idle valve has been getting steadily worse with staying open.Its getting power and I gave it a clean but it made no difference,the engine is always idling really fast.So today i thought i would see what happens if i took it out.I removed the "heater" box and spring and put the plunger straight into the opening. I now have a nice slow idle and the car no longer "leaps" when i put in gear.The only foreseeable problem i can think of will be trying to start on frosty mornings.But i would like to know if there could be any other problems with running the car without it?

07-06-12, 10:52 AM
The only thing it should effect is warm up time. As the idle control is the Allen screw with the lock nut on the front of the throttle body, and the coresponding 1/4 intake hole on top.

07-07-12, 06:10 AM
Yeah, i was thinking warm up would be the only thing.Anyway , to update, tried to start up this morning.Didnt go to well, would fire up and idle for about 5 seconds and then stall.So tried giving it a bit of pedal, the engine backfired, blew the plunger out the hole, and tried to achieve warp 12.Needless to say i shut it down pretty quick, then reassembled the valve and tried again.Started up good and now strangely idles a lot slower then it did before with the valve in.