: 1969 472 heater hoses

07-04-12, 05:38 PM
We are restoring a 1957 series 62 with a 1969 472 engine

There are no heater hoses hooked up and we cannot locate the locations on the block where these should be. Can anyone tell me where these are please?

07-04-12, 10:12 PM
there were 3 places through the years that the heater hoses were connected... The back side of the passanger head.. Thats at the firewall.. Then there is right next to the thermostat ,they always use this one.. And the last one was a return hose to the radiator...thats the best that I can tell you.. What I did and I think works best is if the passanger head does not have a port ,drill and tap with a pipe tap and put in a street elbo.. This will give real hot coolant to the heater core and great heat..They used this on some years of eldorados...