: Aftermarket Bluetooth and XM Stations

07-04-12, 01:18 PM
Just bought a pre-owned 2008 Escalade ESV with the ultra luxury Package last Saturday. Unsure whether or not it had Bluetooth capabilities I tried to pair my phone. The phone found a bluetooth device labeled Phone Car Kit. I paired and connected to the device. I then had phone use through the vehicle speakers. Noticed that it also had it dispalyed on the vehicles radio. My problem is that I cannot get back to the XM stations to listen to the radio even when I disconnect the phone from bluetooth. I still have AM and FM stations. When in the selection for XM it continues to show the Bluetooth Feature.

I like having bluetooth, but I do not want to give up XM.

Not sure which aftermarket bluetooth model I have installed. It has a microphone right above the rear view mirror.

Thanks for your help.

07-09-12, 04:07 PM
In my truck I have to select source then as soon as I see xm come up I turn the right knob on radio and it changes from Bluetooth to xm to aux to iPod
When it's on the one I want I hit the -> key on the steering wheel and it works
Really too involved I think

07-16-12, 10:05 PM
i have this phone kit as well. it takes a lot to get it to work. i keep disconnecting calls-
i have an iphone. insted of connecting it by turning the control knob- i go to the iphone - settings-general and find it on the blue tooth list. hit connect - in the mean time the xm contiues to work,

07-16-12, 11:12 PM
I believe you have a PAC aftermarket kit. I believe it also unlocks your DVD and Nav in motion. To unlock it while in motion press and hold the source key on your steering wheel and after one beep you should see a message on your dash that says confirm safe use and then press the source key again and you can enter destinations on the Nav system and watch DVD's on the front center screen. If this doesn't work then you can purchase it from PAC. But here's a link as well.


11-01-12, 02:51 PM
I also just purchase an 08 EXT and am trying to figure what is the best all around solution to unlocking the nav, dvd and adding blue tooth. Does the one mentioned above do everything on the 08 models?