: two questions about my 2007 STS N*

07-03-12, 08:17 PM
Alright guys I have a couple of questions here

First off, the feature to roll up my windows using my key fob worked fine until my car lost power due to loose battery terminals, is there any way I can get that feature to work again without going to the dealership?

Second question. I Just bought a pair of 194 led lights for the mini lights located in the bottom corner of the headlight assembly, is there any way to replace those bulbs without having to remove the entire bumper cover?

07-03-12, 10:13 PM
You need to re-train your express window controls. The procedure is in the manual.

It should be the only re-programming needed after resetting the system. It takes a minute, tops.

07-03-12, 10:58 PM
Alright I'll give it a shot first thing in the morning, I'll let you now if I have any problems.

07-03-12, 11:02 PM
BTW do you know what page in the manual that'll explain how to re-program this feature?

07-03-12, 11:18 PM
2007 STS Owner Manual:

Page 106 in Section 2 ---> "Programming the Power Windows"

If the battery on your vehicle has been recharged,
disconnected, or is not working, you will need to
reprogram each window for the express-up feature
to work.
To program each window, follow these steps:
1. With the ignition on or in Acc., or while RAP is
active, close all doors.
2. Press and hold the power window switch until
the window has fully opened.
3. Continue holding the switch for approximately
two seconds.
4. Pull up the power window switch until the
window is fully closed.
The window is now programmed. Repeat the
process for all windows.

07-04-12, 09:19 AM
Holy crap it worked! Thanks again, you guys are awesome!

07-04-12, 01:48 PM
Cadillac only saved a few bucks on EPROM's or this wouldn't be necessary. It's quick, easy and rare; but why?

The STS is a great collection of technology for its time but in several ways, they stopped just short of a completely inspired design.