: Loud hum from Bose system.

07-03-12, 03:59 PM
Hey All, This is my first post since registering the other day. I appreciate any assistance. I've had this very loud hum coming from my audio system occasionally. Did some research here. Removed rear seat back and all components. Found no obvious issues within these. Noticed after reinstallation that without the tiny "antenna " connected there was no loud hum. What is that little single conductor antenna thingy for? It connects to the small processor box under the Delfi box via a small jumper.

07-04-12, 07:16 PM
It hums because it doesn't know the words.

07-05-12, 12:56 AM
That didn't fix it. Still has the loud buzzing. Bad amp, or interface to Onstar ?

05-25-15, 04:40 PM
Replaced the front two door speakers.
All good now.

05-25-15, 04:48 PM
BTW, if someone posts to replace the head unit or amp, don't believe it.
9 times out of 10 it's a bad speaker.
The coil in these Bose speakers are known to fail.