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07-02-12, 08:23 PM
This has been discussed before, but no one ver figured out the root of the problem....

My passenger side lumbar support mechanism gears (plastic...) were broken when I got the car. The rear part of the driver seat bottom wouldn't move neither. I fixed that issue by taking the seat apart and tinkering with the mechanism. Now, a few days ago, after working fine for months, the gear (plastic....why do they do this?) that adjusted the rear part of the cushion broke....I took the seat apart again in an attempt to fix, only to find that I'll need a donor seat for parts and a creative train of thought to fix this stupid design (a dealer would simply offer a new seat as there is no way to dissasemble the part without taking the seat out and using a cutoff wheel)....

If this wasn't bad enough, once I put everything back together, the driver seat and the steering column won't move to re-adjust. The passenger seat works fine, as do the locks, windows, nav etc. To make this more peculiar, both, the drivers and passengers side seats wont heat or vent.... I tried accessing the configuration menu of the Nav, but am greeted with "Vehicle Personalization Error" which greys out all the settings...

I disconnected the battery, and touched both wires for a few seconds. 20 minutes later I hooked it all back up and nothing happened. I took the seat apart again and rehooked up all the wiring - nothing happened. I'm scared to go to the dealer, as the 2 members that I read about had to replace either the nav unit or the seat module; both repairs cost $1000+. Anyone have any ideas or dealt with this before?

07-03-12, 11:17 PM
You will need a dealer or a shop with a tech2, I replaced my seat last week with a good seat the cushioning was gone Dpm module should be rezeroed.

07-03-12, 11:54 PM
hmmm. I went to a shop with a tech2 and the tests revealed that the driver seat module was not communicating....that's never good. So, sounds like I need a new module (I checked the wires and the fuses and all seems right).

07-09-12, 08:34 PM
Hmmmm, has no one else had this happened? I replaced the module with a used one and the tech 2 still says the module is not communicating. WTH...

07-17-12, 10:26 PM
Thanks for chiming in, all....lol. $243 dollars later I found out that the issue is a blown fuse....No, I'm not an idiot- the main seat fuse was fine. Apparently our cars have a bonus power line running to the seat module, as well as a few other electronics. The wire that runs from the fuse box (left rear, I believe) is red/white. The fuse name is "DPM", even the Cadillac specialist didn't know what that stands for. Sucks to have paid that, but I went as far as swapping out modules with a used one I got for cheap, and buying anything else would have been a crap-shoot; when the item that doesnt communicate with a car has voltage running to it you'd assume it's fried... I guess the important thing is that I can finally lower the steering wheel from the most upright position and move the seat in from all the way back lol(my exit position). Hope this save some of you time and money. Cheers.

08-09-12, 01:40 PM
aliskerov, i got the same problem with my car and wondering how i access to the "dpm" fuse and how do i know if its blown?
if you have a website or some picture of how to access to the dpm fuse pls show me.

and what do you mean by module is not communicating ??? is that show on the map screen ( i have map/dvd system, not sure if its the same with cd )? anyway, my only said personalization error ...
and i think this happen because i took the chair apart to fix the plastic on the side *** nice car but cheap plastic :((

thank you.

08-09-12, 09:15 PM
if you have the side plastic off, and raise the seat all the way up, you'll see a black box under the bottom cushion. Thats the modules. Maybe one of the wiring harnesses is loose. Just get your hand to those harnesses and press them into the module. The dpm fuse is in one of the rear fuse boxes.

Pop your back seat bottom cushion out. Before tugging it out of the car disconnect the wire harness underneath it driver seat side of the car). Pull the seat cushion out of the car and pull the carpet in front of the seat forward. There will be 2 black fuse boxes, one on each side of the car. Under each cover is a map of the fuses. The machanic just told me about it, so I'm not sure where it is; but its one of those 2.

08-10-12, 10:48 AM
my seat and steering wheel wont move... so i cant raise the seat up but i can try to find that modules and try to press them back in place. if i have to replace the dpm fuse, where can i buy it? or is it just like any normal fuse and they just name its "dpm"?
btw after you replace the fuse and attach the modules in place your car work back to normal or you still have to come to the dealer to set up the computer system to be able to get the personalization error off and make everything work just like b4?
thank you.