View Full Version : Non stock tires on 18 inch rims for my 2007 EXT

07-01-12, 04:45 AM
Does anyone have experience of non stock tires on an EXT on 18 inch rims? If so, what type and how do they handle etc?
Any tire sites that describe this issue? Most comments refer to 22 inch rims which doesn't help me. Also ideal tire pressure info would be welcome for the 18 inch tires -- in all weathers-- as my door sticker is for 22 inch rims, as I had preferred to have the 18 inch rims on purchasing the truck.
Thanks for any help. It's getting kinda urgent.

07-02-12, 06:38 AM
I have used 18's for the winter for many years on my trucks, it's the largest size tire were you can get great offroad traction tires. The best thing is how much smoother 18's ride than 22's. I have used several size 18's and like the 275/65/18 the best, same basic size od as the 22's. 18's you run about 35 lbs of air, that depends on the size tire too. What are you looking for? Winter tires, highway tires? Where do you live?

07-05-12, 12:37 AM
Michelin MS2s.

Best all season tire there is for trucks, bar none. I've have a set on my 18 inch rims, they have travelled 25k miles and have 10/32nd of an inch left.

07-05-12, 06:35 AM
I'm kinda in the same boat. I want the BFG M/T's but don't want 35's. I want to stick with 33's but I'm having a hard time finding an aggressive, yet very street friendly (longer tread life, fairly quiet) tire. I want very minimal loss in low end and mpg too. I've thought about scaling down from 18's to 17's but just don't have the money for wheels and tires both right now. Any tire suggestions?

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