: Please someone help 2005 cts 3.6 engine noises Please help me !!!!

06-30-12, 10:41 AM
First off let me say thank you too all the people that take the time too read this post and help me out. Ok I have been reading all over the net the 2004-2007 3.6l cts engine has major problems with oil consumption and problems as a result of no oil circulating in the motor.

Ok I bought this 2005 cts from my girlfriend she had the car for two years no problems she put over 30000 miles on it I changed the oil every time. Now I have had the car for two weeks I put 400 miles on the car.

Here goes my story ok I was driving the car down the street and the car just shut off and died. I coasted into the gas station put the car in park then started it back up, when the car started it sounded like there rocks in the motor. This noise just came out of noooooooooo where Now the weird thing is I pull the dip stick and it's full of oil, now the problem that's wrong with the car is caused by no oil getting to the motor if I have a full reading on the dip stick then how does this happen?????. I had the car towed to pep boys those morons told me I need a complete new engine and it's gonna cost over $6000 wtf I only paid $6500 for the car. Now I am located in Mesa Arizona about 20 miles east of phoenix. The car has 80000 miles on it, now my father knows everything about cars but is located in Philadelphia pa and doesn't have time too come help me with the engine, he said it sounds like a rod bearing or something like that. Ok I know how to do simple things like change oil and brakes stuff like that, but have no idea how too take a motor apart or even what too look for. I am extremely upset I just spent $6500 on this car and drove literally one tank of gas then it just dies on me. Now i have several questions, after reading like I said this seems like a very common problem with this engine. Now question one

Should I tear into my motor and see if it can be fixed??

question 2 ...... Do I buy a used motor from eBay or a junk yard or some online auction and have a motor swap done???? I have no idea what too do it seems like finding a complete different motor with under 40000 miles on it and doing a motor swap is the best way too go.

Now I'm not looking for anything free just someone who is honest and knows what there doing in the Phoenix az area to come over listen too my car and tell me what to do.... Like I said my father has always helped me when problems like this happened but now I'm all alone and need some help.... I do not want to take it too some mechanic that doesn't know what there doing and just keep costing me more money and time. Please what should I do, try and repair this motor, buy a used motor and do a motor swap???? What do I do please help me....

And if I'm looking for a new motor and don't want no headaches I need too find a 2004-2006 engine correct???? I will have no problems doing a exact swap correct??? Please someone help me this is my transportation too work and have had too rent a car the past two weeks please help me...

I know I can get a07 Saturn vue engine and swap Cadillac parts out onto this motor but I have no idea how to do this, so what is the best bet for me please help.

07-09-12, 04:21 AM
BUMP please can someone help I know that this is a very common problem in the cts. This knocking noise appeared out of nowhere and there is a full six quarts of oil in the engine. I do not know what to do any help I greatly appreciate it alot. So far I guess I'm gonna get the motor rebuilt does $1500 sound too cheap?? That's what I was quoted thank you