: Interesting story!

06-29-12, 11:56 AM
Yesterday was not a good day for me. I woke up at about 8 and went to the workout room. I got gas at Valero in my V before heading over there, and soon after leaving, my car started bucking around and acting quite strange. I went and ahead and went to the workout room, but by the time I got there, I determined I couldn't leave the car off for 40+ minutes because I was afraid it wouldn't crank again. I heard a rattling noise underneath the car, towards the back, so I assumed maybe the transmission was acting up. I went ahead and took it to Kwik Kar (just for them to see what was up) and they determined that my throw out bearing needed some work and that something seemed to be wrong with my fuel pump, or something of the sort. The car also wouldn't crank, so we were going to need to tow it somewhere. I was quite ticked because my car really hasn't given me any problems at all for the time I've had it, and by the looks of the situation, I was thinking that I was only going to get headaches from the thing from there on out. I left my car at Kwik Kar and headed home. Needing to go to work, I had to take my mom's car, and her car needed gas. I just so happened to go to the same gas station that I'd stopped by that morning and to my surprise, every one of the premium fuel pumps was out of service. That got me wondering. I went inside and asked about it and the lady said that the tanker truck that stocks the underground tanks at the station had SWITCHED the diesel and the premium gas! Diesel was put in the premium tank, and vice versa. That simultaneously pissed me off and made me really happy/relieved me pretty quickly. I now knew what the problem was and I was also informed Valero's insurance company would be covering all damage that happened to my V. I'm about to milk that for what it's worth too. They're paying for the car to get towed to the dealership, the rental car, and the whole fuel system to be flushed, and replaced most likely. My headache is gone now, haha. The "comparable replacement" that the rental company gave us is a Kia Optima....... needless to say I was irked when my mother brought that home. Interesting day to say the least, I am just glad I happened to go back to the same gas station. I'd sol ifI hadn't! O_O

06-29-12, 12:07 PM
wow! Bad but good at the same time. Glad they are paying for it. Wonder how many cars got messed up.

06-29-12, 12:51 PM
That is definitely what I'd call a cool story, bro.

06-29-12, 12:59 PM
Crazy.....that's one Of those stories that you just can't makeup....wow

06-29-12, 01:13 PM
Kia Optima.....really?

I'd be doing reverse donuts in that turd until I ran out of parking lot.

06-29-12, 01:20 PM
I know! The car problems were such a day ruiner, but the redemption was nice haha. And I don't know exactly how many cars got messed up, nor what time the service station found out what happened. It really sucks for all the people whose diesel engines now have unleaded in them, as they'll be needing significant repairs done. Hopefully they're able to find out about what happened and have that insurance company cover it. yeah... Kia Optima... I'm actually 18, so only my parents can drive it, but I have my mom's Expedition until about Monday or Tuesday. Has a decent amount of get up and go, so whatever. I was just so afraid yesterday because I'd paid for my V and I didn't want to be stuck fixing it for forever after just having paid it off! In fact, my 18th birthday was Tuesday, so I was a little irritated that my birthday money would be going towards *fixing* my car instead of buying the lt headers I planned on installing, hahaha. It's all good now though, thank the Lord!!!!!

06-29-12, 01:40 PM
Yeah, that reminds me when I had a Yamaha R1 and stopped at a cheap gas station. It ran like crap until I burn all of that gas out. I now just stick to gas stations I am familiar with and sure hope they don't switch the premium with deisel!

06-29-12, 02:03 PM
The "comparable replacement" that the rental company gave us is a Kia Optima....... needless to say I was irked when my mother brought that home.

Ha, as a former employee of Hertz... you could be MUCH worse-off. If it's a new Optima, they're actually not that bad.

06-29-12, 02:06 PM
Thanks for sharing, crazy story!

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-29-12, 02:09 PM
Oh wow! :holycrap: That was a very unexpected twist in your story, Caseyschier. Sorry you had to go through that. But I'm happy you randomly decided to go back to the same gas station and are now being compensated properly!


Cadillac Customer Service

06-30-12, 01:28 AM
i am NOT gay

07-01-12, 11:50 AM
Bet that tanker driver gets the ax ... as probably he should. I mean, that's probably the first thing they tell those guys NOT to do.

Glad you figured out the issue.

07-02-12, 04:14 PM
Boy, I am too. Should be getting it back tomorrow. I'm tired of driving other people's cars. Manual >>>> automatic

07-04-12, 02:43 PM
You should tell them to buy you a new motor just in case the diesel caused your motor to knock......

07-05-12, 01:56 AM
Yeah, uhh, I'll be needing a new LS7, please and thanks.