: GMI ATS First drive/impressions

06-29-12, 11:17 AM

For years, many brands have tried to dethrone the BMW 3-Series to become the king of sports sedans, The General’s own Cadillac included. And while the current Cadillac CTS is a valiant effort, it falls short in many categories, and with a new 3-Series launching now – it was back to the drawing board for Cadillac. At the drawing board, a set of General Motors’ best were selected to design a whole new rear-wheel drive architecture with nimbleness, agility and a high fun-to-drive factor being their main goals. The result was the Alpha platform, with the Cadillac ATS being the first product to reach gestation from the new innards. Cadillac engineers designed the new baby Caddy to be nearly identical in size to the 3-Series, a departure from the “more for less” packaging Cadillac offered with the CTS.

07-18-12, 11:12 PM
I must have missed this thread on here. I wrote the article! :D