: Seeking N* help in VA.....

06-28-12, 08:40 AM
Hello all! I have a 2001 SLS with 91K that has contracted the dreaded HG pox! I knew I shouldn't have parked next to that 97 STS the other day! :crying2:I am trying to locate an independent Northstar specialist in the south-central area of Virginia or Triad-Raleigh area of NC, that uses either Norms inserts or NP studs. Any assist would be greatly appreciated! LF

06-28-12, 09:07 AM
No firm info - You might call Chris in parts at Rippy Cadillac in Wimington, NC - just a long shot. Up in Vendors ^^^

Also try to find a long-time member and Cadillac Tech - ajxtcman - he's in NC. Look in Discussions, PCM tuning, "pcm calibrators".

Used to be a traveling N* mechanic in Lexington, KY - mikelawson - who loaded up his van and came to your garage.

Faded Crest
06-28-12, 11:04 AM
I know that ajxtcman works at Burns Chevrolet/Cadillac in Rock Hill, SC. That's about 30 min. south of Charlotte . I'm sure they can do it right if it's within driving distance, bu I doubt they will be any less expensive than the place in Pilot Mountian.

06-28-12, 12:22 PM
Thanks Submariner409 and Faded Crest! I did have an extensive email conversation with Chris @ Rippy's and got good info. Was just exploring to see if there might be another option nearer than the 5 hours' drive. I have been to the Lexington guy's website and with the travel expenses added in it gets pricey...plus he does it with the engine in the car. Not particularly wild about that. Midwest will pull it, plus reseal the lower for less, granted I've still got to get it there.

06-28-12, 02:17 PM
The bottom line is that no matter what outside mechanic fixes YOUR engine, they have to pay their bills and make a buck or two.

The ONLY way - ONLY - to come out of a Northstar top overhaul on the cheap is to DIY and don't keep track of time or money in the process.

You can get a very accurate idea of overall repair expenses by the amount of glitter and fluff around the dealership, chain store, Mom&Pop shop, warehouse, driveway, or shadetree.

06-28-12, 05:05 PM
Thanks Again submariner409! Yes Sir! I fully understand and expect someone performing a service to make a profit! As you have noted in some instances there is some fluff and glitter. All I'm looking for is someone that I can trust, that knows what they are doing and has a successful history with Northstars.