: rebuild books

06-25-12, 08:26 PM
I'm hoping to start rebuilding my 472 in a few months. I've never done this before so I was hoping for some good reading material specifically for these engines. I've seen the big inch book on ebay, but is that good for stock rebuilds? Any other books out there? And I'll take any and all tips from people that have experience. Thanks.

06-26-12, 09:16 AM
If you can find any old High School Atuo Shop publications, sometimes found at yard sales, you will have an excellant guide to engine repair. Some use the Cadillac engine as an example, because Cadillac engines were supposed to have the most exacting specifications used in their engine plants. I have one of these somewhere and if I find it, will give you the details regarding this publication. Another source would be a Cadillac Service Manual, especially the ones published in the mid 1960's. The Service Manuals from this era had more details than later publications.

06-26-12, 04:25 PM

07-04-12, 10:19 PM
MTS has a book that tell everything about these Caddy motors.. If your going to rebuild one it will be money well spent..

07-12-12, 10:44 AM
I cannot locate that publication I mentioned before, I may have "loaned" it out to someone who did not think I needed it again. Happens a lot to me. I once "loaned" someone a coil tester I never saw again also.