: 4100HT shuts down in sharp left corners

06-25-12, 04:02 PM
Hi. I've noticed problem with my 1983 Eldorado 4100HT. Sometimes the engine just shuts down in sharp left corners and then car hesitates to start. Sometimes it starts immediately but some times I must wait for a couple of minutes. Any idea what might be wrong?

06-25-12, 05:02 PM
Fuel tank baffles most likely broke loose. You need hook up a fuel pressure gauge so you can see what it is doing when this happens. How much fuel is in the tank when it does this?

06-25-12, 09:04 PM

How much fuel is in the tank when it does this?
I'm betting 1/4 tank or less.

06-27-12, 08:27 PM
Either the baffle is loose or missing or the short hose that joins the fuel pump to the fuel level sensor has a pin hole in it. Both require dropping the fuel tank. Rather easy on this car. with a jack under the tank, remove the nuts holding the 2 retaining straps and disconnect the multi wire plug by the filler neck then lower the tank gently, letting the straps pivot down with the tank. It will angle down to the rear. Remove hoses to the sender, then using a chisel and small hammer, rotate the locking ring loose and lift out the pump/sender assembly. Look closely at the short hose to the pump clamped to the sender, most likely cracked from age. Then shine a flashlight into the tank, is the baffle there and secure? I drove my car backwards onto metal ramps to gain room and blocked the front wheels and set the parking brake! It does work, right? If it were me, I'd change the fuel hoses at the sender to the fuel metal lines as well.

06-28-12, 05:03 PM
As above you probably have a fuel delivery problem such as bad baffles. One quick fix to this is to always keep at least a quarter of a tank of fuel at all times. The other possibility would involve a bad connection to the distributor. Do you get any trouble codes set such as distributor signal loss?

Good luck.

07-02-12, 04:00 PM
Before you go to the trouble of pulling the tank, check the starter electrical harness where it drops down past the exhaust manifold. This harness also supplies the oil pressure switch which provides a secondary circuit for the fuel delivery system.
I had the tank out of my 83 Eldo twice before I found the melted wires shorting out on the manifold. A little bit of tape….
Hope this helps.