: 2006 CTS interor LED lighting

06-24-12, 08:09 PM
Was wondering if anyone could give me a website where I could get a quality Kit to replace all my interior lights (map lights, courtesy door lights, etc...). Nothing from Japan or china that is just going to burn out in 6 months. Also, just want to be able to pull out original bulb and stick the LED in. Is this too good to good to be true or is there somewhere that sells some kind of kit like this? Just want that nice white LED color, not blue or red or anything.

07-12-12, 09:04 PM

You could ask in the CTS section

07-20-12, 08:59 PM
I did my interior, license and reverse light all led for under 25 dollars. I purchased all the bulbs through eBay from a US seller fast shipping and so far so good. You can find a kit at a shop near you anywhere from 60-100 dollars and they are pretty much selling u the same quality light u will get on eBay.

07-21-12, 05:29 PM
Get in touch with N*Caddy up in the Seville Forums.

10-18-12, 02:10 PM

I've used these guys for replacing bulbs in older boats. Problem is getting a comparable light output. They have a multitude of different led's on the same socket.