: GM NAV disc $40 off - sale ends today

06-24-12, 03:59 PM
Just noticed that www.gmnavdisc.com has a $40 off sale going, but it ends today. And, they have the 2012 disc in stock again.

06-24-12, 08:55 PM
Does the new disc update any of the clunky visuals effects of my current GPS? Didn't know if it was just a maps update or if it actually revamped UI.

06-24-12, 08:57 PM
^^ I have a 2010 V btw.

06-24-12, 09:11 PM
Not interested unless they fixed the problems that plagued earlier versions of the 2012 release.

This is the second straight year they've had major issues causing retraction of the product. It's like the early adopters are beta-testers.

Gordy Petrovski
06-24-12, 11:31 PM
No thanks my IPad works better.

06-25-12, 06:56 PM
It is listed on gmnavdisc.com for $159.99 now, but I just received mine and it doesn't work. Just says reading for a while and then ejecting disc.