: Hybrid flutter noise

06-23-12, 12:45 AM
Every once in a whole I hear a fluttering/rattle noise from the passenger side like it is coming from behind the glove compartment. I don't have anything in the glove compartment so I know that isn't the issue. It is a loud enough flutter that it is annoying with the radio turned down but definitely not umbreable. It usually happens around 35-40 mph and only for a couple seconds. Seems to die down once I let off the gas most times too. Usually doesn't reoccur right away. I cant make it happen Consostantly and it only occurs once or twice on each trip in the car. Could it be a hybrid component? Evois, does it happen to you? Anyone have any ideas on what it can be? I don't even know what to begin to check. It sounds like a paper flapping in the wind. If I bring it to the shop I don't know if it will even happen while they have it. Is it something they will even warranty?


06-24-12, 12:25 AM
When it cycles from ICE to electric, it makes funny noises. I don't normally hear it since my radio is usually on. But because the hybrid is so quiet, you get to hear all the noises that I think is normal in hybrids. As long as it drives normally with no issues, I'm good.

06-24-12, 12:47 AM
Thanks. What is the funny noise? I really don't hear it switch unlike my volt where I can definitely tell. I assume it isn't a rattle flutter noise from the passenger side lol. I assume you don't have this issue around 40 mph randomly. I agree about the radio. I notice it mostly when on phone calls. Thanks

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-26-12, 01:56 PM
Patradamus7, I'm sorry to hear about the confusion! If you'd like me to investigate further, don't hesitate to email me at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com. Are you considering taking it to a dealership to have a technician attempt to dianogse the noise?

Cadillac Customer Service