: Thinking about getting an 05 XLR

06-22-12, 10:26 PM
The XLR is a beautiful car. Every time I see it, I wanna buy it...and now I'm really looking for one. I found an '05 Base model in our local Cadillac dealer here in Dallas for around 22k. It has 96,346 miles on it, carfax doesn't state any type of repair of any kind with only 1 owner driving a little bit over 13k miles a year. It's been getting a bit hard to find any XLRs around here and the 22k price tag is around my range. I was at the dealer today and spoke to the salesperson and he said that the car was still being prepped for the lot and pictures, so he took me to the back and showed me what they were doing. I got to speak to the tech working on the car and he said that he was replacing the radiator, headlights, and doing touch up work to it. Now here is the question, for the price, lack of issues and the mileage on the car, is it worth the buy? What are the thoughts on the N* over the 100k mark? A quick response would be highly appreciated as I'm looking to test drive the car on Monday.

Thank you

06-22-12, 10:43 PM
You cannot get a "feel" for the reliability of this car until you see a GM Service History. CarFAX cannot display this, and is of little use. If they're replacing the "usual" bad components of the 04-05 years, that's a good thing. The XLR got the last (and best) incarnation of the Northstar engine. Don't let the $22k price sway you; when you take the car in for service, it's a $75k car again. If $22k is tight for you, this might not be the right car. Should the vehicle be unreliable, you'll quickly go broke trying to keep it running. Verify the service history, and test drive it like you stole it. If you have ANY reservations, wait for the next one. There are plenty more with less milage for the same price out there. (Autotrader will bear this out when doing a nation-wide search.) Read all the posts here to get edumacated and you'll enjoy the car even more when you find the right one.

06-22-12, 11:40 PM
My local GM dealer printed my car history...some program called workbench. I believe it will list all warranty work, the date the work was done and the mileage when that work was done. My 06 had three pages of strange control assembly, floor shift to electronic suspension rear position sensor replacement. I am sure that I would be in the poor house had I paid for all of that!

I guess cosmetic condition can count for a lot...perhaps the known issues are addressed. The one good thing a dealer has to do is ensure the car is safe...meaning brakes, tires, suspension issues are addressed.

I did not buy that 04 in Florida, but waited. That ended up working for me, but I also understand the comparative rarity of the car. Wish the answer was easy

07-23-12, 06:28 PM
rvgrand, are you keeping the STS or trading it in? You said the dealer is touching up the car - not sure if that means paintwork but check the roof for any small circular chips - could indicate an issue with the convertible top. You could also look into an aftermarket warranty - I have no experience with one but my Cadillac dealership recommends a certain company. Maybe Sewell or a local Cadillac dealer can recommend an aftermarket warranty.