: northeast ohio clubs?

12-01-04, 05:08 PM
are there any cadillac clubs or meets in northeast ohio (geauga, lake county etc.). just wondered, cause i've seen a lot of old cadillacs during the summer but have never heard of any clubs. i also would be interested in joining one if my car isn't too much of a piece (just kiddin).

91 Eldo TC
02-19-05, 01:47 PM
Contact Summit racing, they know all that stuff. There are alot of shows at a wal-mart in Cleveland.I had mine up there..no cost to show. I know there are more but won't know til spring.

02-20-05, 09:39 AM
you ever go up to annabelle's in mentor?

i've only made it up there once, because one of the big saturday night spots is right up the street from my house. its in brunswick, aka brunstucky, but don't confuse me with white trash, i live in medina. :hide: people in brunswick can't afford caddies ;) and if anyone here is from brunswick, thats all a joke. (if not, i'm being serious) :cool:

91 Eldo TC
02-21-05, 02:16 PM
Where in Mentor? What is the other one in Brunswick...I'm not to far from there.

02-21-05, 07:58 PM
the one in brunswick is at laurel square on 42. the one in mentor is at annabelle's off taylor.