View Full Version : 2007 esv Wheel upgrade to 22s, now tranny shift points seem off

06-21-12, 11:41 PM
I just upgraded from the stock 18s to a set of platinum replica 22s. Now it seems like the transmission is shifting differently. Diameter of wheels are basically the same, only difference is the 22s are about 22 pounds heavier a wheel. Is there anything I need to reprogram? Anyone else have this happen?

06-21-12, 11:43 PM
Also, new tires are 305/40/22 old tires were the stock 265/65/18

06-22-12, 07:25 PM
Update- took escalade to dealer and they reset the computer . Said transmission is adaptive to the wheels that are on the truck. Flashed the computer and bingo! Now it works and is shifting smooth as silk.

06-23-12, 03:44 PM
Nice. I experienced similar stuff with my granny with larger wheels. Did the donut under warranty, or how much did they charge?

06-23-12, 06:10 PM
They told me it was going to cost 45 bucks plus tax but when I went to pick it up, they told me I was good to go and did not charge anything.

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-27-12, 12:55 PM
So glad your dealer was able to find a resolution, Mcfarljb2003! Please let us know if there are any future updates.

Many happy miles,

Cadillac Customer Service