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06-21-12, 06:13 AM
Im looking for the main electrical plastic cube/junction connecting the harness under/for radio/central display unit.

ESCALADE 2008 (VIN: 1GYEC638X8R182115)

Can you help me find it or maybe you can get one.(new or used)
I need it badly ASAP

Thanks in advance

06-22-12, 09:21 AM




06-22-12, 09:22 AM
like those ^^^^ ??

your description isn't very good and the connector ends are about the only things that i can think of that you're talking about

these are the connector plugs that plug into the back of the radio
(there's a couple that are redundant and depend on your radio options)

if that's not what you're looking for then can you describe it in more detail or take a picture?

06-26-12, 12:31 PM
Appologies for such desciption , im from poland , ordered this caddy in after theft condition w/o this connector , so no pics , and crappy decription :)

Im 90% certain it's the one from your diagram , i need it badly ASAP - is there an option ypu could get me one ? i'll pay in advance , including shipping to poland and for your aid. Or maybe you can direct me somewhere when i can order it ?? Huge thanks so far.

To be sure , i just sent this diagram pic to my workshop , they'll tell me if it fits tomorrow and will try to send me a pic. of the harness and we'll see what's up more precisely

06-26-12, 05:52 PM
well they are different connectors for different options you could have .. nav, bose, etc


they may or may not be easy to get and usually will come 'empty' without any terminals inside or wires\
basically just as you see in the picture


getting the terminals can sometimes be harder than expected and sometimes you will have to buy 10, 15, or 20 at a time when you only need one or two
sometimes it can take a while to get the terminals ... 1-2 weeks maybe
it is hard to estimate

dealerships are supposed to have these on hand but there are so many of them and they are needed so rarely that we do not stock them all


on top of all those concerns I cannot ship internationally
if you could provide me with a US shipping address then I could sell them to you


let me know if you (or your workshop) have any questions


06-28-12, 05:59 AM
Hey Chris

I got e few pics for you , lookks like i need 4 of them , 2 grey and 2 black , btw , any option to get used on ebay or something like that

Please take a look at this pics
I'll see if i can get u an us address
Also , looks like i can't resize those pics now , so either i email them or resize till tomorrow.

06-28-12, 10:29 AM
sounds good... very unlikely to get these on ebay

06-29-12, 02:00 PM

Did u get those 2 pics via email yet ??
I hope so , please confirm what's needed
Will u be able to arrange those connectors ?? i prefer used or new but ready to install ..
I'm willing to pay in advance for everything and add some $$ for your efforts and shipping to poland - it's really simple , no need to reship it - TRUST ME - easier, faster and safer that way

Let me know what can be done ok ? I really need them badly ASAP

Thanks for your time and help so far and in advance if you'll get me what i REALLY need :)

06-30-12, 09:36 AM
yes, i did get them - looks to me like you need one of each

i have not yet had a chance to see if we have the terminals

it will take about 4 days for me to get the connector housings from GM
two are pretty cheap (about $4 each) and the other two are pretty expensive (about $20 each)

the terminals will probably cost about $1.50 each if we have them
if we don't then you will have to buy the minimum quantity (whatever it is) for each terminal


payment would have to be in advance - there is no other way to do it

we cannot ship internationally - that is the company policy
i am sorry if that makes it difficult for you but there is no way around it for me

07-01-12, 04:55 AM
Good to hear that , i'll try to get u an US addy shortly - but maybe if i'll transfer $ you could buy it for yourself and ship it on your own ??
If not , no big deal , i'll arrange address

Also what $ transfer you prefer ?? bank wire , credit card or western union ? western union would be fastest
Let me know what works for you best.

I'll send 100$ , will that be ok ? in case of any additional costs i'll add $$ , no problem

Thanks for all this friend , awaiting your reply

07-02-12, 09:38 AM
looks like there are 60 terminals of part #15359541 and 2 terminals of part #12191812

you'll have to buy them in packs of ten so there will be 8 extra 12191812 and no extra 15359541 (unless you buy an extra pack)

the packs are $25 each (a bit more expensive than I originally thought) so seven packs at $25 is $175 right there

the terminals as I mentioned before are going to cost you about $48

then there is shipping... there is no way for me to know how much it will cost unless we ship via UPS to a US address

If I were to buy the parts myself then ship them for you how am I to know how much to charge you for shipping? I won't know until they're already shipped


so as it is right now we're at $223 plus shipping


the terminals can take up to two weeks to get here also ... there is no way to expedite them
they are guaranteed to ship before the 12th if I buy them today and will then take a few days from then
usually they will ship sooner but that is the policy of the supplier to give themselves enough time so that they don't tell you one thing and then have it take longer

07-02-12, 11:11 AM
Ok , i understand , really looks like more expensive than expected... :)
In that case (lack of original/used connectores with terminals) i have to go with that.
Just please confirm here or via email what method of payment you prefer - bank wire , credit card or western union - WU and CC would be best i think - just let me know , so i'll transfer $$ and go from there

Again , thanks for your time and help Chris