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06-20-12, 03:33 AM
Hey there guys, been a long time lurker posted pretty frequently a few years back when I first purchased my 99 DeVille with a head gasket issue, to make a long story short -

4 or so years ago I bought the car pulled the engine, repaired the head gaskets using Jakes studs, put the motor back in had oil pressure issues at that point I put the car away on my family's property and have been waiting for an opportunity and shop space to start working again.

Fast forward to present day I now have the space to take on the project and have the cradle out once more, it's becoming very obvious the years sitting have not been well to the harness, animals have chewed, connectors are dry rotted, insulation is beat.

My question is, what route do i take here should I try and salvage what I have and if not who/where am I gonna get ahold of a new harness, basically I need everything from the firewall to the front bumper, and how much is something like this going to set me back? I have searched the internet for days for anything to that effect and cant find one for sale. The only reason I don't feel like I can salvage what I have is honestly in some of the spots where it's been chewed and it's just bare wire, I have no idea where the other end links up, is there detailed diagrams out there that would allow me to "re-map" the harness I have? I lost my FSM in the move but I don't remember anything like that in there.

Any help you guys can give is much appreciated, I love this car and am willing to go to any length to save it, I'll make sure to get some pics of the project for you guys as I go!

bill buttermore
06-20-12, 07:31 AM
The junkyard is your friend. Replace the harness. Cut off the connectors, and save the re-usable parts from your old one. If the price seems unreasonable from "full-service" yards in your area, seek out a wrench-n-go or a pick-n-pull yard where you can get one yourself. I would be surprised if you have to pay more than $75 for a good complete engine harness. You will need to find a "fresh" car, though, as junkyards are notorious for cutting the harness to save time when removing components. We see a lot of rodent damage on harnesses in cars that have been stored out here in the grain belt, and a damaged harness can cause you fits with problems that are difficult to diagnose, locate, and repair. Replacing the entire harness may seem like a big deal, but it can save you time and money in the long run.

Faded Crest
06-20-12, 10:49 AM

The junkyard is the only way to go. If you have the cradle down, then you can replace the entire thing in the engine compartment, but getting one out of the junk car might be a royal pain. You also might check Craigslist to see if anybody is parting one of those cars out.

I know this wasn't your question, but on the oil pressure, are you sure the crank shaft bolt isn't your problem? There was someone in the Deville section who had low oil pressure and it turns out his crank bolt wasn't tightened to the right torque. That solved his problem in minutes. Probably not what you want to hear at this point, but you that's why you have the engine out, right?

06-20-12, 11:55 AM
Thanks guys I figured a junk yard was my option, just like you said getting it out of the junk car is a head scratcher..

Way back when I first had the issue I think Ranger brought the crank bolt to my attention I checked and re checked the torque spec even went as far as to replace the bolt, but no luck.

Faded Crest
06-20-12, 12:37 PM
^^^ Good. It would have been a real head-banger if it had been something that simple. LOL

06-20-12, 12:59 PM
Yeah, believe me I wish it was something simple, but it seems to be easier to pull the cradle the second time at least, took me about 4 to 5 hours working by myself, last time I think it took me 2 days with help lol.

Is Jake over at northstar performance still active on the forums? I know he see's more of these cars than anyone I know, maybe he could get ahold of a harness for me.

Faded Crest
06-20-12, 01:06 PM
^^^ He comes around every now and then but not regularly. He has actually started his own forum. I'd contact him through his website to see if he can get you one.