: 8 plugs, 5 hours... what beer?

06-18-12, 11:18 PM
OK, after doing all the checking on the forum to see the hell people have gone through in changing spark plugs... I've decided to take the plunge and (attempt to) change them this weekend. I've given myself five hours to do so. I've got the tools, I'm picking up the plugs tomorrow (AC Delco Iridium), but the most important question I have is... what six pack should I have handy? I was going to go with Corona, but does anyone have suggestions? I'm keeping with a six pack because I don't want to get shitfaced while working on my engine and break something.


06-19-12, 12:35 AM
You're from Missouri - drink some Boulevard Wheat and you'll be doing just fine!

06-19-12, 12:57 AM
Blue Moon. Hopefully your plug wire boots aren't fused to the plugs. When I pulled my plugs, they looked almost as good as the new ones; even at 100K miles.

06-19-12, 01:01 AM
If its the first time doing it i would buy plug wires as well. I wrecked mine trying to get them off. I ended up using long pliers and pulling off the boots like that. And i second that last post. Blue moon!

06-19-12, 01:01 AM
5 hours? Pffft. Better spend at least 3 of them drinking, and then 2 doing plugs... and I say 2 in case you don't have the right tool somewhere. LOL

06-19-12, 06:53 AM
You're from Missouri - drink some Boulevard Wheat and you'll be doing just fine!

Oh yeah....Boulevard....don't forget the slice of orange!

06-19-12, 07:44 AM
Must read:http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-general/173405-spark-plug-change-blood-driveway.html

06-19-12, 09:11 AM

06-19-12, 09:27 AM
I vote for Stela... and do yourself a favor and get a set of wires... rip the old ones off and don't look back

06-19-12, 02:26 PM
I did headers and by far the hardest part was the f'n spark plugs.

i vote some Canadian Beer, then's it's spark plugs and a party!

06-19-12, 02:29 PM
Hmmm...in Missouri? You can probably get Shinerbock there. I haven't had that in a while...

06-19-12, 02:36 PM
Hmmm...in Missouri? You can probably get Shinerbock there. I haven't had that in a while...

Texas......but one could probably find Shiner at a brew store in MO.....

06-19-12, 04:14 PM
I just used some channel locks and leveraged against the valve covers. They came off without a problem.

Mechanix gloves are an absolute necessity. I've been thru two pair in the last few years working almost entirely on my own cars.

Whenever I try to drink beer while working on a car I just forget about it while I'm elbow deep... but a beer afterward is the best, especially when you continue drinking in the shower.

06-19-12, 06:43 PM
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06-19-12, 11:21 PM
You might as well find the guy on one of these forums that sells the plugs and MSD wires together. I don't think you can beat that price, and you have odds against you that a wire will rip apart.

06-19-12, 11:52 PM
OK well, I'll wait a week and get some plug wires as well... guess that'll lead to a six pack and a nice cigar weekend. :thumbsup:

Do the MSD wires really make a difference? I see Rock Auto has the AC Delco red leads (like I have on my car) for $55 and I don't think they're too bad.I currently don't have anything else done to my car, but if and when I do something, it would probably be header/exhaust and that's it. I've got nearly 120,000 miles on the car and can't justify going balls out with internals, etc.

06-19-12, 11:58 PM
Must read:http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2004-2007-cadillac-cts-v-general/173405-spark-plug-change-blood-driveway.html

Oh, I saw this - almost made me think of finding someone else to do the job. One thing I always do is judge if I should do something is by calling one of the local Caddy dealers to see how much a repair would be - cheapest one over the phone was $300. At that price, my knuckles are already torn to shreds from boxing classes, so a couple more scars aren't going to kill me. Shit, at that price, I can break a hand while doing it and still come out ahead..

06-27-12, 08:00 PM
I don't think you get any benefit out of them over the stock ones. They seem fairly similar. I just couldn't find any decent wires, the AC Delcos were sold out so it was the $35 set from the parts stores, the extreme AC delcos for $150, or the MSD for $55. I had a wire pulled apart so I had to get something ordered ASAP. The stock ones had a 90 degree fitting where the MSD ones have a bendable end that doesn't quite go 90 degrees.

06-29-12, 11:05 AM
NGK plugs, OEM wires. Nuff said.

Oh, and hardest part of header install is the dipstick, Jimmy!

06-29-12, 01:10 PM

AC Delco Plugs.

Take the Coils off.