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06-18-12, 04:58 PM
Hey guys....got an issue that scares the crap out of me. 07 V, driving along at about 90mph on expressway....all of a sudden engine shuts off, gauges still have power, Nav screen read 'Starting Disabled Remove Key' ok so I do just that, put key back in and it starts fine. Done this to me 3 times in past 2 days. It gets worse, yesterday it would not start at all.....dead as if not batt. When it finally does start it def has a short somewhere....gauges are flickering(rpm) and motor is ok......car feels like it wants to die electrically and may even shut engine off but will then start again....guess lack of spark? then spark comes back and it starts itself again while driving....FUN. Well, get to a buddies house and he starts troubleshooting relays under the hood. Had a screwy fog lamp relay and he changes the position of a few of them in between themselves nad has me try it. Car starts up like a charm and no longer misbehaves.....actually is running like a bat outta hell right now. Dont get it? what happened or is happening and will this problem come back? scares the crap outta me....2nd time it stopped the engine I was pulling out aggressively in front of a greyhound! not good....lol

Searched on here, found a few posts with the message I mentioned in the CTS forums but no conclusive info or solutions......any help would be greatly appreciated......

Thanks Guys

06-18-12, 05:25 PM
"Had a screwy fog lamp relay and he changes the position of a few of them in between themselves nad has me try it."

Please explain what this sentence means.

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-18-12, 08:40 PM
The message you indicated is shown when the vehicle theft-deterrent system detects that an improper ignition key is being used to try to start the vehicle.
It is recommended to check your key for damage; have you tried using an alternative set of keys? I know that your friend was able to help you with the fog lamp relay work he did, but this is just to add to the troubleshooting! :)

Have a good evening,
Sarah (Assisting Katie)
Cadillac Customer Service

06-19-12, 06:46 PM
sarah you forgot to mention that he should take it to the cadillac dealer

06-21-12, 11:50 AM
Hey, at least Cadillac is reading the board!