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06-18-12, 06:22 AM
I searched to see if there was a thread on this, but couldn't find one.

I thought I would replace the fluid in my manual transmission on my 2010 V. The manual just gives a GM part number, which my Auto Parts store says is Dexron VI (if this is incorrect, please let me know). However, I am having trouble finding fully synthetic Dexron VI. I am only interested in synthetic. Any suggestions?

Does GM put synthetic or conventional fluid in the transmissions when they build the cars?

thanks in advance.

06-18-12, 12:02 PM
Do NOT use Dexron VI in a manual car. There is a TSB on that...it will cause problems which is why GM now sells "MTF" which is just Dexron III.

The part number for the MTF is 88861800. This is a synthetic fluid. The change is pretty easy with a suction gun.

06-19-12, 09:20 AM
Or, switch to Royal Purple SynchroMax synthetic. No problems with mine.

06-20-12, 06:25 PM
the trans uses dexron III (sepcifically texaco Dex III per wikipedia, which iirc is a conventional
fluid) use *only* the gm part number if you're worried about the warranty. if not, most people on BITOG like M1 ATF and some people use synchromesh which has similar viscosity to dex III. However even that may be something of a gamble, there was a hole shit storm
with the early 6060s failing because they used cellulose syncro blockers and the use of anything except the dex 3 fluid would cause them to degrade over time. the newer transmissions use carbon fiber blockers which won't suffer the same fate ( I forget which my this starter) however, the point is, I've never seen tremec or any discussions state that anyone has heard the engineers behind this trans reccomend or suggest anything except dex 3 or oem fluid should be used. saying that, I plan on changing mine with M1 ATF(the mercon v synthetic stuff), although nothings written in stone I would imagine after a few years the vette guys running a lot more power than us would have seen problems with running different fluid on the cf blocker transmissions

06-21-12, 11:13 AM
Thanks for the helpful comments. I recall putting M1 ATF in my V1 transmission and that it smoothed things out a bit. I wanted to switch to synth in the V2 since, in cooler weather, I get a little grind or notchiness in the 2-3 shift, and thought that synth might smooth that out. If it is already synth, then no rush....I only have 9K miles.

Just switched to M1 ATF in my super-notchy Mustang GT 5-speed (2006, having I think a T3650), and it made a small but noticeable improvement in shifting smoothness.

A little irritated at that parts guy for giving me the bum steer to dexron VI for the V2, but glad that I waited and decided to check it out first. I might have to do some more homework before deciding. I want to put GM-spec'd fluid in the tranny, but I would like it to be synth for all of the synth benefits. If Mobil 1 or Syncromax does not fall under the GM spec, then I'd probably pass....

06-23-12, 12:40 PM
The other thing mentioned that most people forget is that there's an oilpump on our 6060 and fluid in the lines/ and cooler that's apart of the radiator.

I have heard of people suggesting to have the car turned on when draining, but I would think the pump is gear driven and you would need it in gear running in order to have it pumping.