: Just ordered a new CTS-V Wagon

06-17-12, 05:24 PM
I've been thinking about this for a long time...(it took me forever to overcome my natural frugality!)

Black diamond
Black Wheels
Sun Roof
Manual Transmission
Suede Wheel and Shifter
Racaro Seats

The dealer doesn't have a build date yet, but tells me that his guess is 6-8 weeks.

It will be a 2013 model year....do I have to worry about "Racaro Rock" or "Wheel Click"?

06-17-12, 05:37 PM
Worry? Yes. Will it happen? Maybe. Maybe not...

My sedan is flawless...

06-17-12, 07:54 PM
Racaro Rock...... ?
Wheel click....... ?

06-17-12, 08:05 PM
Nope and nope.

At least not for me.

06-17-12, 08:07 PM
What are the issues???

06-17-12, 08:14 PM
Way to go! For the most part we hear from the people who have had problems and little or nothing from owners without problems. Have had my Wagon for 18 months and no problems.

06-17-12, 09:28 PM
Congrats Doc!!!

06-17-12, 09:41 PM
Congrats on the wagon. every thing is fine with mine except for a sweet whine under the hood and a scream now and then from the passenger seat.

06-17-12, 10:33 PM
Way to go! For the most part we hear from the people who have had problems and little or nothing from owners without problems. Have had my Wagon for 18 months and no problems.

That's why I always mention my good fortune. Not to discredit those with problems, but to show not everyone has them...

06-17-12, 11:00 PM
Likelihood is the 2013 Wagon is nearly identical to the 2012, save minor tweaks (like in 2012 they added RainSense wipers...). My wagon has about 1700 miles on it so far. I've had one issue with the shifter on the auto trans - the mechanism had to be replaced due to a fault sport mode switch. And I have some scoring on a brake rotor from some kind of contaminant manufactured into the pad. But as for the other common issues like wheel click, noisy rear diff, supercharger rattle, rocking seats, etc. I didn't get the sunroof - too hot here in Houston.

So far, I really LOVE the wagon - SO fast and SO functional. The only part about grocery shopping in it I don't enjoy is finding a safe parking space. I'm sure you'll love it like no other car you've owned.

06-17-12, 11:03 PM
Pretty much the same car as my 2011, though I have the Auto. No wheel click nor Recaro squeeks here, so I'll send you some positive vibes. It's like my Jeep; everybody was posting about the problems and issues, but the reality is that most owners were experiencing either zero issues or modest stuff. You mostly only hear about the bad on Forums, so welcome aboard.

06-18-12, 11:28 AM
I've got about 1200km on my 2012 Wagon (6 Spd manual) and loving it :)


06-18-12, 01:01 PM
That's why I always mention my good fortune. Not to discredit those with problems, but to show not everyone has them...

Exactly. People don't go to an enthusiast forum and post threads titled, "Today, nothing happened".

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-18-12, 08:18 PM
A hearty CONGRATULATIONS and wishes for many happy miles from us!
Sarah (Assisting Katie)
Cadillac Customer Service

06-20-12, 11:47 AM
I have 8,270 trouble-free issues on my '12 Vagon. Zero problems, squeaks, rattles, rolls.

Knocking on wood!

I did avoid the sunroof for structural concerns, and as a bald guy, don't have much need for it any way!

06-20-12, 12:22 PM
I'm having a 2012 CTS-V Sedan 6sp manual with all the bells and whistles delivered tomorrow. I've been reading this forum for a week to gain knowledge about the good and that bad on these cars. I'm already having the dealer check the rear diff fluid before delivery. Needless to say I am a little worried myself. I agree most people with no problems don't post "no problems" and on the flip side most with problems that are forum members post there problems without hesitation. I just hope everything is fine. I can't wait though. Is it weird I've already ordered the Airaid intake and don't even have the car yet? Got to have the addicting S/C whine. WEEEEEEE

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-20-12, 03:34 PM
Sounds like you really did your research, MaximumPwr! That's wonderful! Hope you'll post pics when it's delievered.

Many congratulations,

Cadillac Customer Service

06-21-12, 02:15 PM
Nice. Just the way I would have ordered one. I am sufficiently jealous.

06-22-12, 08:45 PM
Just saw a silver Wagon with chrome in Santa Monica. Don't think I've seen one in person with that combo. Really liked it! Wife said it looked stupid. Ha.

06-26-12, 10:00 AM
I have the 2011 Black Diamond edition of the wagon

Same as the one you are getting only with the automatic (spousal compromise)

After 10,000 miles, except for the screams from the right seat, my only problem is fouling the lower bumper mouldings due to clearance over curb stops while parking

Have to get used to stopping short of the wheels, unlike my pickup, while parking

Other than that, sweet and unchallenged cruising..

06-26-12, 09:05 PM
Just got word that the order was "picked up" bit no build date yet. (not exactly sure what that means)

I've got a long drive back to Michigan for vacation planned for the first week of August....probably too much to hope for that the V-wagon would be available for that!

Anybody know if there are any differences between the 12 and 13 models?

06-27-12, 08:59 AM
Try sending a PM to one of the Cadillac Ladies like Katie. She will help you on model differences.

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-27-12, 10:39 AM
Thanks, Tinman!

Doc_spartan, I'm indeed able to help with comparisons, so feel free to email me anytime at Katie_Lucille@gmexpert.com.


Cadillac Customer Service

06-27-12, 11:13 AM
You're welcome, Katie. Sorry for the misspell.

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-27-12, 11:22 AM
No worries, tinman!

Cadillac Customer Service

06-27-12, 11:26 AM
Thanks, but I don't like misspelling people's names as well as having mine misspelled. Obviously you have posted your name lots of times that I should have gotten it spelled correctly. Just a pet peeve of mine.

08-09-12, 09:09 AM
Ok...the car was built yesterday!

I've got a vin number, now just waiting for it to be delivered to the dealer!

08-09-12, 10:00 AM
Ok...the car was built yesterday!

I've got a vin number, now just waiting for it to be delivered to the dealer!

Congrats to you!!! Taking delivery on my 13V sedan today!!!! :cool2:

08-14-12, 09:28 AM
are they discounting ordered v's very much?

08-16-12, 11:47 PM
It's been a long week, but I pick up the wagon today!

I've been in China and Germany this week, leave to fly into O'Hare in a few hours....and then straight to the dealership!

08-18-12, 04:42 PM

08-18-12, 11:16 PM
So I got up at 6:30am in Germany....on a plane by 10:30am (about 3:30am in central US)

Touched down at 12:40 at O'Hare....skipped my flight to Waterloo IA, rented a car and drove to the Quad Cities...(I competed multiple dealers and one about 2hrs away from Waterloo was the low bidder)

I signed the paperwork and got a very basic run down from the sales guy....then I hit the road!

It's been a while since I drove a manual transmission....so pulling out of the dealership I stalled.

I crossed the bridge, got on I80 and immediately hit heavy traffic.....which kind of sucked since I couldn't go fast, and I couldn't mess around with all the controls I didn't understand because I had to make sure I didn't rear end anyone. I did however get to adjust the recarro's.

They only gave me a quarter tank of gas so I pulled off for fuel and a mountain dew at the "Worlds Biggest Truck Stop"....a lot of envious stares as I fueled up. I pulled out, the traffic was easing but ended up blocked in behind a slow mover, with a semi in the left lane. I elected to jump back into the merge lane and goose it....ahhhhhhh!

Traffic was too heavy or too light to have much fun....nobody really wanted to play.

I set the cruise, and worked my way though the XM radio stations....impressed by the sound system. With about 20 minutes left in the drive I notice that what I think is the oil pressure gauge is reading zero.....I'm not particularly concerned as temp is fine so their must be oil right?.....I figure its a bum gauge. (Later of course I figure out this is actually boost pressure.)

Eventually got home...still tenuous on the gear box, kids ran out, gave the car an excited review...pronounced it very cool, wife rolls her eyes, but in a good way.

After dinner I take the youngest out for ice cream, we get in the car, I fire it up....he gets this look of wonder in his eyes...."why does the engine sound like that?....I like it!"

I brought the manual in, tried to sit down and read, but the jet lag caught up.

Second day:
Pull out of the driveway...stall....nobody else is up yet cause I'm on German time. Just drive around getting used to things.

Putter around most of the day programming the infotainment system, and other settings, figure out that you have to plug both holes on the iPhone to get it to work, the basics are all handled.

Dinner time, Chinese, wife asks pick up or delivery....she's smiling because she already knows the answer....I head out. At the end of first street in Cedar Falls there is a stop light, after which the road becomes a divided highway, about a quarter mile after this happens the highway is under construction and the right lane is closed. I'm at the light on the right lane, in the left lane, three teenage boys in a Mustang...before the light changes it's abundantly clear that we're going to go. They have no idea, I manage the shifter reasonably well, and it is of course no contest.

On the way home end up next to a guy in a shiny red Corvette, he's my age, the speed limit is 30mph, he does a double take as he realizes what the car is and gives me a big grin and a thumbs up and then goes back to cruising.

It's dark now, I'm tired, but I have a strong desire to go back out there.....in short...it's awesome.

08-19-12, 10:22 AM
Great write up Doc, congrats and enjoy!

08-19-12, 03:50 PM
"why does the engine sound like that?....I like it!"