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06-17-12, 04:06 PM
Separating this problem and questions from my recent trip thread so I can get more answers.

During the trip, I used Mapquest to send directions to OnStar, something I've done hundreds of times before with no incident. This time, however, the instructions were sent to the DIC instead of to the navigation. Hmmmm....ooookay but I rolled with it and the instructions worked fine. Since then, however, every time I start the car of place it into "on" mode, I get random OnStar voice prompts.

It can be anything....from "pardon, I didn't hear that" to "can I restart your route guidance?" to "Bluetooth on".

I have tried pulling the OnStar fuse in the battery compartment, turning off OnStar via the mirror, erasing all of my stored routes in OnStar, and using voice prompts to cancel route....only no route is there to cancel.

Has anyone else had this issue? It is driving me bat$hit crazy! Is there a TSB to address the issue? Is this operator error? I've made an appointment at the dealer to have this looked at, but I'd love to either resolve the situation myself or be able to hand a TSB to the dealer so it can be fixed right the first time.

Thanks in advance!

06-18-12, 01:13 PM
I had a similar problem. Without warning the destination downloads started going to the DIC instead of the nav system. I hate turn-by-turn even though it is probably targeted to old farts. Touch the white telephone button on the mirror and say "cancel route." That may help. BTW, I reported it to OnStar customer service and it was a setting at their end that needed fixing.


06-18-12, 01:17 PM
Have you tried pushing the blue OnStar button and seeing if they can fix it from their end? That's what I'd try...

06-18-12, 01:39 PM
Have you tried pushing the blue OnStar button and seeing if they can fix it from their end? That's what I'd try...He probably still needs to cancel the route and then report the problem. It took them several days to fix it at their end.

06-18-12, 01:43 PM
I figured it out. I'd already tried pressing the OnStar phone button to cancel route and it didn't work.

Apparently, OnStar had a glitch in the last 3-4 weeks in which it would send info intended for the nav to the DIC instead--found this out on the regular CTS forum. After three weeks with this problem in my car, it finally cleared up this morning.

I was going to talk to OnStar this morning on the way to work. Upon starting the car up, I got a voice prompt, as well as two text prompts in my DIC, first "off route", then asking if I wanted to "cancel route". In fact, the DIC message persisted. I therefore, once again, pressed the OnStar button and spoke "cancel route". The system gave confirmation.....and now my car has been quiet every time I started it up this morning.

I've used MapQuest/Google to nav hundreds of times and had no trouble before. Hopefully this doesn't happen again.