: Gmpp

06-14-12, 11:50 AM
I have a 2008 CPO that was put in service in June 2007. All along I was told I had to be within the original factory B2B warranty (which I am not) in order to purchase a GMPP extended warranty. Well guess what; yesterday I purchased a CPO GMPP extension for 48 months. It seems that you can get a GMPP IF you have a CPO and IF you are within one year after the B2B, and IF you are under 50K miles. Not cheap, but given the complexity and pricey repairs of these vehicles, well worth my piece of mind. Check Charles Black Cadillac who sells discounted GMPP warrantys http://gmoutlet.com/. I am a happy camper:bounc

06-14-12, 09:11 PM