: Diesel Will Kill You All like Raid!

06-13-12, 11:47 PM


06-14-12, 12:12 AM
All the more reason to love my 16.4 litre Diesel.

06-14-12, 12:19 AM
All the more reason to love my 16.4 litre Diesel.

Can I have it when you're gone? You can have my cigarettes in exchange.

Faded Crest
06-14-12, 12:53 AM
Makes me want to go out and crank up the Silver Eagle 2-stroke Detroit and idle it for a few hours. Screw the "W.H.O."

06-14-12, 01:00 AM
Gee, they finally figured that out, will wonders never cease!

06-14-12, 01:36 AM
Can I have it when you're gone? You can have my cigarettes in exchange.

Keep your cigarettes.

But since you want it and I'm such a nice guy, just as soon as this whole "Immortality" thing wears off, she's yours. Make sure to use her to deliver my other vehicles to their respectable owners, as stated in my will.

06-14-12, 11:44 AM
:blah: "Everything" causes cancer!

& Ralph- Nice @$$!! :drool2:

06-14-12, 12:00 PM
With all the various causes of cancer why shouldn't diesel fumes cause cancer?

Of much more immediate import to me, diesel fumes make me sick to my stomach. Imagine, first deluxe train ride on the Santa Fe "Super chief" from Pasadena, CA to Chicago, very nice "drawing room" compartment and I am barfing my guts out. As soon as the conductor opens the door at the exit and lets in fresh air I am fine. Guess it was the diesel fumes being suck into the ventilation system of the train. Didn't seem to bother my mother or anyone else, but it sure did me! I loved the "Super Chief" I hated diesel fumes.

Other types of exhaust fumes don't really bother me .... I lived and commuted in L.A. for over thirty years, I've had plenty of jet fuel exposure, even "camel" smog doesn't get to me. But diesel exhaust even coming in my car's ventilation system makes me sick to my stomach.

I haven't had experience with the new "clean" diesel technology like "Blue Tech," I hope it doesn't affect me, because more diesel seems to be in our future!

06-14-12, 03:50 PM
Yea what doesn't cause cancer anymore.

06-15-12, 08:25 PM
:bigroll: The WHO: bout as useful as a :horse:

Dullahan, you have a 16.4 liter. What kind of Semi do you have?

06-16-12, 12:55 AM
Great. Just last week my Stanford docs signed off on my cancer being gone. 2 weeks ago I bought a new Dodge with the 6.7L Cummins. I'm gonna die.

06-16-12, 01:07 AM
I wouldn't worry about it Spyder. It's gonna kill the guy behind you. :)

06-17-12, 09:05 AM
Makes me want to buy a Duramax or Cummins.

06-17-12, 09:11 AM
Diesel is rough, smells funny, smoky, and is loud.


06-18-12, 03:58 AM
Makes me want to buy a Duramax or Cummins.
...it would have to be Cummins...

06-18-12, 07:49 AM
YEEEE HAAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's 24v71 Detroit Diesel in that truck. 2 stroke, over 3000hp, 24 cylinders, 1704 cubic inches. The 1704 cubic inches is assuming the motor has the stock stroke and bore, as Detroit Diesel named their motors as "24" as 24 cylinders, "v" as in a v configuration, and "71" as 71 cubic inch displacement per cylinder. Wish I had more specs on it, as it is a total beast.



06-18-12, 12:16 PM
Alcohol is for drinking.

Gasoline is for cleaning parts.

Diesel is for racing.


Faded Crest
06-18-12, 12:36 PM
^^^ I'll add to you list that Corn is for EATING!!!

06-18-12, 02:55 PM
^Unless you're Irish (Great Hunger joke)

And Nitrous for getting high.

(I do not condone this, but it is often part of the joke)

Too bad that car has an obvious Southern Redneck/John Deere theme...I'd almost drive it.