: Short in speaker when using aux port

06-12-12, 08:49 PM
The speakers short out when using the aux port for my iPod . The short only happens with the aux port, not with the radio or cd. Hitting a bump will cause the sound to start/stop. Sometimes it works fine. When the short occurs, i can bang on the side of the console and get the sound back for a time. I have had the vehicle to the dealer on at least three occasions. The first time the service mgr told me they could not duplicate my problem. I later found out they did not have an iPod. The other times, ( I left them my iPod) they said it worked fine. Then when driving it home it started the same problem. Anyone else had these issues?

06-13-12, 12:13 PM
Obviously its a loose connection inside the console area, probably on the RCA's. You are talking about using the the rear RSA connections, correct? Or do you have a newer escalade with a mini-plug in the head unit?

Also, did you try using a new cord to the iPod?

06-13-12, 12:40 PM
Welcome to the forum :) You did try another cable from the iPod to the port correct?

06-14-12, 10:06 PM
If you have an old iPod cord or even a new one after multiple usage can shear the wiring inside the plastic cover. Most probably the cause.

06-14-12, 10:15 PM
I agree.. Definitely sounds like a bad cord. I replace mine quite often. Even though they may look fine on the outside, the inside seems to be delicate. I use the cords in multiple vehicles and even in my house. All need to be replaced frequently.

06-19-12, 02:15 AM
I have the same issue.

Mine is in the aux port connector, not the cables. Anyone know how to get access to the aux ports? I'm looking for screws in the center console, but cant seem to find any? I'm guessing a cold solder or something in the aux port. When I put alittle upward (toward the sky) pressure on the input jack, it works, however otherwise, it doesn't.

I'm going to do a search as well, but if someone has some input on how to get to the jacks, feel free to share with me.


07-04-12, 10:29 PM
Same problem for me. I would like to replace the rca/aux box above the rear controls as I have to press on the rca connections to get it to kind of work. I tried multiple cords and I still replicated the problem with brand new cords. It is indeed the rca box, I think from my kids bumping/hitting the rca jacks when connected. Anyone know where to buy this part? Would salvage be the only option?

Thanks in advance.

07-05-12, 06:39 AM
for connecting other things like additional speakers amps etc. for an aux output. for an input it could be for any device that produces sound,guitar, tv, radio,microphone.

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