View Full Version : posting pics from mobile

06-09-12, 10:05 PM
I have been having trouble posting pics from my mobile phone. It says that the image is too large to post.

Any advise on how to resize pics to post?

06-10-12, 12:13 AM
With my phone it seems like it works if I zoom before taking pic. If your phone allows you to crop photo doing that may work also?

06-10-12, 10:54 AM
What kind of phone? Are you using the cadillac app? Tapatalk? The app automatically resized pics on my iphone.

06-10-12, 10:33 PM
Im using the cadillac app on my Samsung galaxy S II skyrocket for At&t

06-11-12, 01:19 AM
I cant do so using tapatalk even if i choose the smaller size..i have to upload to tinypic.com then post the URL

06-12-12, 09:33 AM
Alternatively, change your camera settings so you aren't taking 5MP shots...

06-12-12, 03:28 PM
If it's not letting you attach images, check your quota, you might be maxed out.