: Swapping later radio/nav unit with USB input into a 07 EXT? Anybody do it?

06-09-12, 01:33 PM
I have an 07 EXT with the factory nav radio. I would really like to have a newer one with the USB input. If I could find one, is it a plug-and-play deal?

06-09-12, 05:59 PM
i have a 2008 esky that came with stock radio unit.got a navigation unit from a 2012 ,plug and play,worked like a charm.u have to get the new unit unlocked though.i got a guy on auction site do it(best customer service ever).

here you go,these are the sellers i used last month to buy the nav unit and unlock service.would recommend both.

bought the nav from this guy here , not sure if he still has a 2012 unit.mine was.would ask him.
shipped it to this guy here to get it unlocked.plugged it and drove :)