View Full Version : OIL all overtires/bakes/wheelwell removal?

06-08-12, 06:13 PM
Long story short a big box truck driving down the road was leaking oil. I happened to drive in it for a few blocks until myself and other cars started sliding around.. So now my tires and wheel wells are covered in oil and most likely my brakes and what not. I made it home but I am wondering how to remove it ? should I take it to a car wash and degrease my wheels and brakes? not sure what to do or if they oil or degrease would mess up my car. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks !

06-08-12, 07:08 PM
They use Dawn dishsoap to clean up the birds in an oil spill.. I would try that. At least it wasn't a leaking gravel hauler. You can't wash off paint chips.