: Oil burn

06-07-12, 09:58 PM
I have a 2005 STS v6 with 66,000 miles, it started using a quart of oil every 2,000 miles. Anyone else have this issue?

06-07-12, 10:24 PM
according to GM that's within normal range for that engine

06-07-12, 10:34 PM
That can get expensive, $70 for oil change and $9 a quart to add in between changes!!

06-08-12, 12:18 AM
I paid $56 for a 6qt. Mobil 1 oil change at my local GM dealer for my 3.6l CTS...OP, how does your intake look? Full of oil? It's the "PCV" orifice on the passenger side valve cover...gets plugged up and then oil gets sucked into the intake...have you looked into an oil catch can? This is why the 3.6l engines like to blow timing chains...GM design flaw.

06-08-12, 06:45 AM
Thanks for the info, I'll check that out.

06-08-12, 08:21 AM
Harley04, Here the scoop. My 06 STS V-6 was burning oil at rate of 1qt. @ 760 miles. Lucky it was under warrenty. Cadillac replaced the piston rings. Now 30,000 miles later still burns no oil. You could add 1 qt. of oil every 2,000 miles and never have to change oil again. Danny

06-08-12, 08:48 PM
^^^ Not so. Oil breaks down & gets dirty. Do what the OLM says.

06-08-12, 08:59 PM
I do no more than 5k between changes, no matter what the OLM says.

06-08-12, 09:14 PM
That's a waste of oil, but it's your money. Enjoy!

06-09-12, 09:41 AM
Any recommendations for a brand of oil catch can?

06-09-12, 12:36 PM
Was there oil in your intake? The catch can doesn't keep the oil in the crank case, just keeps it from going into the intake. Poke around the 1st gen CTS forum regarding this, TONS of info...