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06-07-12, 12:39 AM
Hey all, wanted to introduce myself. I went from an '04 GTO to an '04 V a few months ago. Silver, black interior, found it w/ only 26k miles. Barely a mark on it and I actually believed the seller that it didn't see rain.

I've been daily driving it since February (even in the snow) and it has been a blast. Replaced the motor mounts, trans mount, and front diff bushing with CS pieces first thing and I think it has been pretty solid. Still disappointed with the clunk but I did do the reading here and expected it.

Future plans are track days and auto-x here and there, plus lots of daily driving. Planning to go with the SS lines, ATE Super Blue Fluid, and probably EBC yellow pads to start. I'm still trying to feel out the Brembos, they're one of a couple huge improvements over the Goat. Not sure yet how much beefier I'll need to get for the little track stuff I do. The EBC yellows were comfortable DD pads on the GTO and also did fine on the track.

Anyway if there's anyone around Pgh and you even want to meet up let me know. I'll be at BeaveRun (Pittsburgh Race Complex or something now?) next Thursday if anyone cares to join.

06-07-12, 06:03 AM
Welcome. I'm up near Youngstown and a group 3 driver at Beaverun. Let me know when you want to stop up and modify your shifter. My buddies and I get together for cruises etc. all the time. We'll be heading to the Super Summit Cruise-in this Saturday at Summit Racing in Tallmadge if you want to make the trek over with us. There'll be a TON of beautiful cars. You can't PM yet so email me if you want. I've had every part off my car at point point or another and I can help out with road course suspension mods.

The remaining driveline clunk is most likely from your dual mass stock flywheel.

br_1868 (at) hotmail (dot) com


06-07-12, 08:56 AM
... The remaining driveline clunk is most likely from your dual mass stock flywheel ...And the diff itself. I've done clutch, FW, axles, and diff bushing and still have a clunk, though it's reduced somewhat.

Oh, yeah ... WELCOME!

06-07-12, 09:22 PM
Welcome... more PA peeps... time for a GTG in PA!