View Full Version : What The Heck Is Going On?

06-06-12, 10:08 PM
Seems every other post is either a double post "color silver-----------------color silver" (both mine and others) and I spend half my time deleting the duplicate or it posts a "deleted post" after you post a reply. :annoyed:

06-07-12, 08:45 AM
Same here - and the "Internal Server Error" was hard at work last night, too. I think this has something to do with some sort of software or server maintenance.......

.........and, at a 1350 EDT login something went wrong with post format, "my cars", and avatars.

Lord Cadillac
06-07-12, 03:23 PM
Just growing pains, folks... It'll all smooth out shortly...

The Tony Show
06-07-12, 03:34 PM
You guys are both moderators, therefore you see things the general population doesn't.

Spend more time in the Mod area to keep up on this stuff. :)

Lord Cadillac
06-07-12, 03:36 PM
Thanks, Tony. :p Otherwise, I believe these issues have been handled...