: How to remove the center console

Classical Glass
06-06-12, 12:57 PM
I need to remove the center console on my 08 XLR. First of all how do you remove the gear shift knob? Then without destroying anything how is the center piece removed. I don't want to damage anything so i'll ask first.

06-06-12, 11:32 PM
This one is easy; one minute, tops --if you have the tools in hand. I use a plastic trim removal tool to pop the chrome trim ring loose on the gear shift lever. Beneath it you'll see a T-15 Torx screw that needs to be loosened to remove the gear shift knob.

Once the knob is removed, you need to pry upwards on the four corners of the center console. (Again, the plastic trim removal tools are great for this purpose.)

I start with the back first, then gently pry up the front so as not to mar the center/front console. Don't get crazy with it, there are electrical connectors beneath that need to be disconnected if you have to remove the whole assembly.


Classical Glass
06-07-12, 06:18 PM
Thanks, this helps a bunch...

06-13-12, 03:33 PM
Very interesting, thank you!

So, once the knob is off the whole assembly simply comes off by
prying it up?

Next question: The metal panelling on mine has a dent. Does that
part come off, even with a bit of trouble?

Thank you!

06-13-12, 07:46 PM
The aluminum cladding is part of the assembly, which means you have to purchase the whole thing. The hardest part is paying for it.