: while playing around with the code reader...

06-05-12, 06:07 PM
I found, if you connect it while the engine is running & in gear...which is says not to do, but c'mon, it's not going to explode...I learned the signal to the engine computer is interrupted, resulting in odd shifting. Also, when I disconnected it, there was a message on the DIC saying "top speed limited to 142 MPH".

Well...that answers a question I had. I'm not convinced a V8, long axle ratio, 2005 model, will actually go 142 MPH, but that's a future goal.

My company is having a quarterly meeting at Texas Motor Speedway come September, and I'll sign any waiver necessary to take my car out on the track for a couple of laps.

Oh, and if after you change your air filter, you start throwing PO171s and PO174s...there is a vacuum hose on the back (firewall side) of the intake tube which is easy to overlook, 'cause it lays right where it's supposed to go, but may not be connected. Said vacuum hose goes to the left valve cover.

06-05-12, 08:10 PM
An STS 4.6 will easily go 140. Drag increases rapidly after that.

06-05-12, 10:15 PM
Gps locked my 05 sts4 1sg at 148 mph before I backed off.

06-07-12, 10:17 AM
C&D's 1SG with the 3.42 gears was drag limited at 154 mph (http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/cadillac-sts-v-8-road-test ). The "V" with all its 440hp is estimated to be drag-limited @ 165 (http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/cadillac-sts-v-first-drive-review). So yeah, air resistance really ramps up fast, especially with our STS's shape which isn't exactly very streamlined :)

On a side note, I really love that C&D review of the STS-V8. It's funny now because it's ~8 years later, and comparing an 05 STS to a brand new BMW maybe it doesn't really compare too well, but you have to keep in mind that these cars were pretty badass for their time. And kinda a shame that GM didn't really get behind the STS and keep up what they started.

06-07-12, 10:50 AM
Indeed. The early driving reviews of the STS were very positive.