: Tint recommendations?

06-04-12, 10:50 PM
Got a new V Wagon, Thunder Gray with painted silver wheels and light titanium interior. I live in the Houston area and need tint simply due to the sun and heat. I need some recommendations on tint color and which windows - do people typically do ALL the windows on the wagon, including the rear and the smallish ones on the side? With the Thunder Gray, which color categories make sense? That is, I've seen black only shades, gray-ish colors, metallics, silver metallics, and so on. If anyone has some pics of their tint or has a specific brand and color I should check out, I'd appreciate it.

Note that I'm not looking for privacy - in fact, I'd like to keep as much visibility as I can (both in and out) and just block the heat. A subtle but well-matched color is also important. But I don't want to do dark or black things out...

06-05-12, 04:49 PM
Check out Crystalline tint by 3M. Their stats for heat blockage and availablity of transparent hues sounds like it would work for you.

06-06-12, 09:23 AM
TriTexan - post pics when you make your decision and get it done. I will be doing the same to mine in Houston very soon.

06-06-12, 11:38 AM
Bigron - thanks for the recommendation. I will definitely check it out.

TXAG2004 - I will post pics once done. Unfortunately the V is in the shop with just 1300 miles on it. Seems the auto tranny in sport mode decides to make random gear changes. And no, it's not while driving agressively...driving straight and level with a fixed throttle position it will just start downshifting repeatedly until the gear gets so low it hits the rev limiter. Other times it just drops out of sport mode back into standard auto mode. Other times while in sport mode it goes to full manual and stops shifting entirely. Very disappointing, but hopefully should be fixed today.

06-06-12, 09:50 PM
Just tinted mine about a week ago. Went with 20% sides and back, 50% sunroof, 80% front windshield. The windshield is key if you want to reduce heat since it is so large, and you need to get a top end film on it. You will not really be able to tell it is tinted if you keep it at 80%. I keep my sunroof open all the time so I tinted that too to help with heat. Sides and back, 20% is the only way to go on a black CTS-V IMO. But if you just want heat reduction, my understanding is that the light profile on various films does not change much - a 20% film will absorb about the same heat as an 80% film.

06-09-12, 01:17 AM
I bought my V in San Antonio and Batchelor had 27% installed already. Visibility is not an issue.

I run 35% on the front, 5% on the back of my Town Car. Now, 5% is dark...

06-10-12, 11:29 PM
Just got the tint done today at a local shop that has done several cars for me previously. I ended up going with a ceramic tint that is mostly heat reducing. It's the CeramiKool brand - my local shop didn't have a super wide variety of options and since none of their tint jobs have ever given me trouble in more than 10 years, I trust their pick in products and their workmanship. Not sure the %, but it's a middle option - 70% maybe? It makes the windows a tiny bit darker, but the heat reduction is significant. It matches the thunder gray paint pretty well - the tint doesn't have as much silver color to it as I would like, but my tint guy said something about silver tints not being legal in TX...not sure exactly what he meant, but he said he doesn't do any bronze colors because they turn purple too easy and no silver due to some legal restrictions. So this turned out fine IMO - it needs a day to dry and tighten up and I'll grab some pictures in the daylight tomorrow...

06-11-12, 03:30 PM
Some basic pics from the cell phone over lunch...hopefully give you a good idea of the look. I did confirm this is the 70% CeramiKool. All windows were given the same tint - no darker or lighter between front and rear. Back window done as well.

The midday Texas sun confirms this tint does a pretty decent job at heat reduction, although nothing can save you from a few hours in the baking sun...the car is going to be just as hot either way. But it does seem to cool off quickly with the tint job.




06-11-12, 06:26 PM
Looks good. I like them all being the same %. Not a big fan of the back being darker.

06-11-12, 10:14 PM
Don't forget we have remote start - works from pretty far away too, and that time walking up does make a difference in cooling down the cabin!

06-11-12, 10:22 PM
Don't forget we have remote start - works from pretty far away too, and that time walking up does make a difference in cooling down the cabin! With the phone app, it works from WAY far away!

06-11-12, 10:26 PM
Looks good. I like them all being the same %. Not a big fan of the back being darker.

It might just be me, but I could swear that after the tint job, the rear still looked a tad darker. It could just be that the front windshield lets in more light and makes the front windows look lighter - either way, I think the same % all around looks best. This 70% is nice because from the inside you lose very little visibility at night but still get good heat reduction and a balance of privacy and visibility during the day. I also like that it complements rather than competes with the gray paint color. Now that it's done, I'm convinced the stock glass is just a little too transparent...this just makes it a little slicker looking IMO.

06-11-12, 11:14 PM
The stock rear windows are probably slightly darker