: I think I figured out my shimmy at 60 mph!

06-04-12, 08:58 PM
So I was getting pretty sick of the shimmy in my steering wheel that would still persist after having 2 shops balance all four wheels/tires and decided to dig deeper. I suspected a worn suspension component and upon looking at the front left wheel, I remembered that everytime I jack the car up the wheel would move horizontally towards the inside of the car! Total movement beween 1-2 inches, and I suspect this was caused by my brakes locking up (different thread) on that exact wheel due to a faulty sensor somewhere located in a magical location which the dealer hasn't found.

Anyway, would that sideways movement when lifting it point to a bad ball joint? How hard is this job, is it a DIY, and how expensive are parts?

Car is 06 w 57k.

Senor Aguas
06-04-12, 10:21 PM
mine does that too. I'm pretty sure it's just a function of the suspension geometry. have you had your wheels/tires road force balanced? it can cure a lot of problems, especially if the technician is good and rotates the tire to minimize the force. Also, it can measure runout so it will tell you if you have a bad tire.

06-04-12, 11:16 PM
are you sure? My right wheel does not do that. And no I have not

06-05-12, 12:20 PM
I believe the balljoints come as part of the control arm assembly. Not sure if you can get them seperate. FTR: Everything is DIYable! :P

Here is a recent bill I had:

Front suspension, Lower control arm, Lower control arm, cts, right, all, w/cts-v 1x$354.12
Front suspension, Suspension components, Knuckle, Knuckle, cts, right 1x$183.98
Front suspension, Suspension components, Hub and bearing, Hub and bearing, cts, w/cts-v 1x$286.16
Radiator support, Splash shields, Underbody shield, Clip, Clip 6x$5.10
, Bushings, cts, w/cts-v 1x$9.58
Front suspension, Stabilizer bar and components, Stabilizer link, Stabilizer link Either Side 2x$72.28

For the record I didn't do my upper control arm when I did the work which I regret now, what if thats causing a vibe? I have no idea how to test it as it looks and feels solid. Anyone have a ball joint upper and lower test regime for me and the OP?

06-06-12, 08:52 AM
update: just had my friend check it out at his reputable shop. no signs of play or wear in outer tie rods or ball joints. he said maybe inner tie rods but has to look another day when hes more free to take things apart.
has anyone had issues with their inner tie rod or steering rack?

06-06-12, 09:50 AM
There have been issues with the steering racks reported on this forum.