: Wheel Question

06-04-12, 07:01 PM
Would these fit? Does anybody have these already?


06-09-12, 02:23 PM
That wheel will work. That wheel is only 8.5" wide (narrower than the stock front or rear wheels). The 35 mm back spacing is less than optimal. The stock front wheel backspacing is 51 mm. The effect is that the Falken wheel will stick out 10 mm more than the stock front. The inside edge will clear the stock suspension by 22 mm more than stock. (the difference is that the Falken wheel is 12 mm narrower than stock).

It is unusual for people to be looking at narrower-than-stock wheels. A 20x9.5 wheel will fit in the front as long as the back spacing is around 45 mm. There is more room in the rear so the front is the end that limits your wheel-tire combinations. TSW, Bayern, and others make 20x9.5 wheels with 41 to 48 mm backspacing that work on our cars. I use TSW Nurburgring wheels for the track. There are a few people on the Forum with TSW wheels in 20" on their cars.

06-15-12, 02:16 PM
Thanks for info. I was keen on the look but don't think the skinny wheel would work out