: -RANT- A tale of woe......

06-02-12, 05:58 PM
Yeah, this week was an interesting one for damn sure, and not for good reasons. Here's the story.

Wednesday night, I went for a run at 8:56 p.m. Me, being me, gawked at my car before I left, and everything was normal. Went for my little run, and got back about 10:20 p.m. I was gawking at my car as I walked up to the house. I noticed the left front tire was flat. Turns out it had a knife wound in the sidewall. Ran over to the right side, and both tires were still hissing from departing air. We eventually found out that the fronts had 1 stab apiece, the RR had 4, and the LR had SIX. Yes. 6. Dad called the cops, and they looked it over. Although Dad and the cop both asked me from early on, I had not pissed anyone off bad enough to warrant such a retaliation. The cops wouldn't fingerprint because the "dust would stain the car" BULL. Anyway, after work on Thursday, Dad helped round up some Goodyear Integritys for my baby. Dad was able to back her into the garage without getting the rims banged up, and then we would take the tires up to the shop and have them mounted and balanced 2 at a time. Well, on the first trip we saw a BIG (like 35") set of BF Goodrich tires. Dad noted that "I'd hate to be that guy!" We ended up meeting the owner of the monster tires, whom we'll call K. K lived just north of us, and noted that he threw a chump, "T" out of a local bar. T suspected K of dating T's girl, which was not happening. T decided to knife K's tires, and K happened to wake up right before. He was able to call the cops and get T thrown in jail. Well, T isn't new to this kind of garbage. He was on his 4th DUI when he was caught (that was time #4), and he had quite a few felony destruction of property charges racked up as well. The county was seeking to get him in the slammer for at least 4 years, and it was looking more like 10. Unfortunately, T is out on bail. K's theory, which I support, is that T slashed my tires in an attempt to show that the problem was ongoing, as opposed to his sole doing. As a matter-of-fact, Dad was up at about 3 and heard a truck with glasspacks in the area, which his is equipped with. My Mom and sisters also noted they saw a truck matching T's truck in the area that night. The cop denies that, but that's likely him just trying to cover his ass. Well, glad that is over. Faded, maybe you are right. So far, the Goodyears are equivalent, is not a little better than the symmetrys. NASCAR must use them for a reason.

Oh, and if anyone of you pass through Gillette in the near future, and see a 94-99 Chevy 1500 Maroon truck with gray rocker panels, clearance lights on the cab, and glasspacks, broken down on the side of the road, avoid that bastard. That's T's truck.

Glad that's over. Sometimes people seriously suck.

Faded Crest
06-02-12, 07:28 PM
That sure does suck. Nothing surprises me these days.

06-02-12, 09:37 PM
Nice to know d-bags can be found everywhere. T is very lucky the age of "high plains justice" has passed.

06-02-12, 09:43 PM
But payback, as they say, is a MF.

06-02-12, 11:19 PM
Yeah. That is just low down wrong. One is bad enough. All four? Seriously?

Oh well. He'll get his due. Most likely prison :lildevil:

06-02-12, 11:22 PM
My '76 Seville suffered the same tire slitting on all four tires from Vandals who thought my driveway was my neighbor's driveway. The neighbor had yelled at some young punks for some inappropriate behavior on our block. Needless to say there were no witnesses and the police said it was between me and my insurance company. car was loaded on a flat bed and taken the five miles to the tire store where the tires were replaced. Insurance company paid the bill. Fortunately it never happened again, eventually the kids were apprehended breaking into cars and stealing car radios (they got two from our Scirocco before they were arrested) and ended up in the Juvenile Facility.

I did put out word through a kid down the street who knew the kids, that they had better watch their step or they would be paid a visit by some folks that were a lot meaner than they were!

06-03-12, 12:00 AM
Man Luke that sucks. Sorry to hear about your trouble. God I wish I could get my hands on people like that for about 15 min. alone! My luck the low rent scum-bag would walk free (well limp free) and my butt would be behind bars. It is nice to know who did it and that it wasn't targeted at you. At least you won't have to look at everyone in town and wonder if it was them. Small consolation I know.
Let Orconn know when this guy gets out, I'm sure he still has some "numbers that are unlisted"!:sneaky:
Also, off topic, but Scirocco, Those were nice cars I forgot about! Was it the first generation?

06-03-12, 03:00 AM
Craig, I think the "high plains" style of justice is still active, it's just a bit more subtle. Sometimes it takes years of planning.

Luke, I was wondering when we'd get this story. Glad everything turned out alright and there was no lasting damage, aside from to the wallet. I have been there myself and we Irish can hold a grudge like nobody's business and we don't forget wrongdoings. I am not advising you do that though. I am told it will burn the soul out of you.

06-03-12, 08:45 AM
They'll get theirs. They always do...

06-03-12, 09:01 AM
I grew up in an upper middle class suburb of St. Paul and there were a few times each summer when some teens would get bored and start vandalizing people's cars. Once, during the summer of 2004, almost every car parked out on our street one night got their tires slashed. Oddly enough, it was the one night the entire year when I parked my Roadmaster in the driveway and my dad parked his Mazda 626 on the street.

Heck, even last week, my mom heard from a neighbor that they'd seen teens looking directly into cars parked out in the street in the middle of the day, then the teen would walk back into a truck with a bunch of his buddies and take off. Guess they're scouting for stuff to steal.

Now, I'm in a significantly more blue collared / younger family area, in much smaller, older houses, and we get none of the action like that anymore. I always felt safe leaving my work van parked out in front of the house last year..

06-03-12, 06:46 PM
Thanks for your support guys. I really appreciate it. I feel your pain orconn. I was really glad Dad was able to back it into the garage. I must be doing the tire shie right, there's still trails of it on the driveway! :D

Sorry Dulluhan, it did take me forever. I value CF waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than FB, so when I want to get onto CF, it's gotta be quality time :D

Yeah, them pesky things called laws will keep that turdsack safe. You shoulda heard me at about 10:25 that night. I was talking about big trunks, tire irons, middle of nowhere, flying fists, deep mountain lakes, etc. etc. etc. Like you said tho Dave, some consolation in the fact that it was random. I've never done anything to absolutely infuriate people, so that looming over my head would've been bad.

06-06-12, 11:49 AM
Wow man! Sorry to hear that crap happened bro! I HATE, despise, the low lifes that can find it in their pathetic selves to do this kinda crap! I've never had tires slashed, BUT have had 2 jeeps and a semi truck broken into and everything inside taken. The first time was a wrangler I had. What pisses me off more than anything is I KNOW it was someone who was close enough to me that they had to have been in that jeep a time or two. I say that bc at the time I lived way out in the country, and they passed up my much newer grand Cherokee and my parents newer yet Lexus, and went straight for the cheapest car in the drive. BUT that jeep had 3 alpine V-12 amps under back seat, a clarion head unit, and a clarion 6 disc under my seat. So who ever did it knew exactly what was in that jeep b4 they got there. And where it was. I mean who would know To look UNDER the back seat really for the amps.

Then one day at work, got out early at 5 AM one morning, went out to my jeep grand Cherokee and looked right into the hole where my 500 dollar alpine head unit use to be. The trim was ripped all apart. My 10 inch audio bahn subs gone. And the kicker was I was going to trade that jeep in that very day for a brand new jeep wrangler rubicon. Still traded it. Luckily I had factory head unit still. So put that in and fixed the trim up as well as I could. Surprisingly I still got the same outa it on trade anyway.

Then my semi. It was at a well lit yard so always thought things were safe in it. But one day someone broke onto 7 trucks on one night, and I was one of the not so lucky. They got my GPS, my TV, my CB. Everything. And even tho it was a company truck on their land, they weren't responsible for anything.

06-07-12, 03:41 PM
OUCH! I hate thieves. My condolences. That stuff is so damn expensive to replace. You'd think people would shy away from lit areas, but as they say, stupidity knows no bounds. The cop and one of my buddies said the perp musta "had a set" to do what he did. He didn't. He was just FREAKING STUPID. Sharp as a marble, eh? :D

One thing I have taken away from this is that there's few things sadder than a Cadillac with flat tires. :(

06-08-12, 07:57 AM
One thing I have taken away from this is that there's few things sadder than a Cadillac with flat tires. :(

Yes sir! A buddy of mine was at a friends of his once. My buddy has a big lifted jeep grand Cherokee with 35 inch tires. Not cheap tires by any means at that size. Well, his friend had another guy there too. This other guy got drunk and decided he was going to cut my buddies 35s. My buddy caught him just in time and proceeded to beat the ever living piss outa this guy. My buddy is not the kinda guy ud expect to fight someone like that. Lol. But I can't blame him since this guy was about to cut his tires, and since he had a knife, my buddy wanted to make sire he put him down hard enough he couldn't come at him with the knife. In fact I've been good friends with this guy 10 years and it's first time I've ever known him to get onto a fight. Lol. Ida done the same thing

06-08-12, 07:06 PM
No kidding. Yeah if I woulda caught the chump in the act, or about to do it, I think I'd surprise a lot of people by putting him in the hospital. It takes a lot to get me mad usually, but if it's the right topic, I'd imagine I'd come unglued in a hurry. I've never been in a fight, and I surprise myself sometimes with my ability to stay relatively calm.

06-08-12, 10:43 PM
I have had both vandalism and theft in my automotive history. Neither is fun. I never understood vandalism. Theft at least I understand, someone wanted what I had. I always was baffled by vandalism though. I never understood it when I was a kid and a friend would say wouldn't it be funny, or lets go smash, etc. What is the kick? When I first got my Talisman in 79 it had the scroll bars on the padded roof. I came out to it once and someone had taken a knife down both sides of the drivers side bar. Never could understand it, and it still makes me sick to think of it to this day! Funny how close a feeling is that I had over thirty years ago. I can right now feel it in the pit of my stomach like it happened yesterday.

06-08-12, 11:40 PM
I have never understood vandalism either. Especially when it is perpetrated by kids from upper income families. Unfortunately, growing up among a lot of "privileged kids" I saw a few who despite having more privileges and material well being than most could imagine still felt compelled to vandalize another person's property.

The worst I ever saw, and tried to stop by the way, was a young guy,who I thought was my friend, who pick up fresh dog shit from the gutter and smear it on the ivory pigskin upholstery of a brand new, light yellow, 1955 Mercedes 300D four door cabriolet that just happened to be parked on a street we passed down on the way home from school (for those who don't know about 1950's Merc 300D's, they were the equal of a factory Rolls Royce in quality and in price, at that time costing around $10,000. in the US and much more in Brazil where this vandalism took place). My supposed friend's father was a vice-president of GM do Brazil and his family like many American families in Brazil at that time lived a very privileged life style which they never could have afforded in the United States (maids, chauffeurs, mansions and of course private school and exclusive country club memberships). I was horrified that my friend would do such a thing to such a beautiful car for no reason at all. He thought it was just terribly funny. Our friendship ceased that afternoon. Apparently no one saw what had happened, and probably didn't suspect American kids of the crime, but I never took that route home from school again. And to be honest I have never gotten over how a kid like me could be that wantonly vicious to destroy something of beauty that someone had worked hard to obtain and had left out in the open for others to enjoy. In no case is disfigurement or destruction for the sake of a thrill in anyway justified .... and certainly not by some rich little American snot!

06-08-12, 11:59 PM
I had an experience like that with two friends I knew. one night we were out and one of them went into a yard and picked up one of those mirrored balls that people would have on a pedestal in their yard for decoration and broke it. All I could think of was that poor older man or lady (as they were usually who put those out) and how sick they would feel in the morning when they saw it broken. Later they took a tricycle that was in a yard and dragged it a block away. Again I thought for days about the little kid who lost is toy, and probably got in trouble for leaving it out.
I wasn't strong enough in personality (or perhaps character) to stop them, but it was the last time I had anything to do with them. They turned on me and for the rest of high school were constantly bulling me. As I guess could be expected.

06-09-12, 12:18 AM
That's bullcrap. Good on ya orconn and Dave for ditching those lowlifes. I don't understand vandalism. Never have, never will. Sometimes it's jealousy, but other times, why? What's the point? Make oneself look like a stupid moronic idiot? Piss someone off, sicken them, or cause them some sort of harm?