: Looking to buy 2005 STS $13,995.00

06-02-12, 12:57 PM
2005 STS 87k miles (http://www.cars.com/go/search/detail.jsp?tracktype=usedcc&csDlId=&csDgId=&listingId=76908343&listingRecNum=1&criteria=prMx%3D15000%26sf1Dir%3DDESC%26prMn%3D0%2 6mkId%3D20052%26stkTyp%3DU%26mdId%3D21940%26rd%3D3 0%26crSrtFlds%3DstkTypId-feedSegId-mkId-mdId-pseudoPrice%26zc%3D76123%26rn%3D0%26PMmt%3D1-1-0%26stkTypId%3D28881%26sf2Dir%3DASC%26sf1Nm%3Dpric e%26sf2Nm%3Dmiles%26isDealerGrouping%3Dfalse%26rpp %3D50%26feedSegId%3D28705&aff=national&listType=1)

Good/bad deal? If I go take a look at it, what do I look for? Anything specific?

I've got a 2001 Eldorado currently that is throwing a P0741 and I'm 99.9% certain its the TCC itself (not the sensor as the tap the brake test failed). Car isn't worth the repair, I could probably get $2k for it on a trade-in.

This looks promising and I've been looking for a V8 STS for a few weeks.

06-02-12, 06:56 PM
Really nice kinda high mileage but look for any leaks obviously, look to see the temperature doesn't go to high and you'll be fine try to get it for 12000 if you can

06-02-12, 07:18 PM
These are going for under $10K. Depends on model and condition but remember this is a 8 year old car.

06-03-12, 03:12 AM
My thoughts on this is: mine is a 2005 AWD V8 Northstar with all included. The car is very sharp and drives smooth. The biggest thing with these cars is the electrical aspect. I have had mine for 6 months. If you can get some after market warranty - I would highly recommend it. Problem with that is the warranty is very expensive! If you can find a decent cost and can afford it, get it!

Some things are still not under warranty though. My drivers brake lights went out. I thought it would be an easy fix of a bulb or some sort and it's the whole tail light that needs to be replaced. Not cheap! Dealer wanted $400 for a new one. Plus $60 to install it. I would have done it myself as it in an easy install. You can find them cheaper online for $200+ but still expensive.

These cars always get service messages after a certain amount of miles. Even the diagnostics at a dealership can be pricey and that's not even doing anything to it.

In 6 months time, I noticed the passenger door will not always open when pulling the handle. My TPMS comes on and off. I've had the service engine light come on - which in turn won't let you use the remote start if it's on. My tail light brake lights gone out. My drivers door speaker and drivers side dash speaker is out. The Service Stability and ABS light has come on before. The turning signal sound I never heard. Which is because of those speakers being out. The one dash one on the drivers side. I have had my key fob not work and was locked out that I had to call a locksmith. Which I believe was interference from my phones Bluetooth being on because after i turned it off it worked just fine. But I was 1000 miles from home and it sucked.

That's about all I can remember right now. These are not cheap fixes either! Beautiful cars and love them. But my next one will be a leased - under warranty Cadillac.

These are just some things to think about before you purchase one. Even if you are good with working on cars these cars are designed to have dealer type tools and machines to be worked on. On some stuff. But you will even see people taking it to the dealer just to replace fog lights.

It's a lot of car and very worth it if you have some extra money to put aside for it in case shit happens.

Just my 2 cents

06-03-12, 08:24 PM
it doesent even have acc keep looking that is almost a must now that i have had it once lol! it just seems a bit high for something that is not completley loaded.

06-22-12, 06:26 PM
I have an overall fond view of my 2005 STS V8 (RWD). I've had it for 3.5 years and have driven it from 14K miles to just under 41K miles.

Just know before you jump in that there are a few nuances your car might encounter. The first model year for most cars (esp. GM just before bankruptcy) tend to be decent but not perfect. There are nuances: peeling start button, groaning A/C recirc. door, have to take the front bumper cover off to change light bulbs. If you can live with the flaws you will generally find a used STS to be a good car. Hey, it's not like a Jag from the 80s! :)