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Rodney 77
06-02-12, 12:13 AM
Hello all. my name is Rodney and i live in TN. i have never owned a Cadillac until now. I bought a 96 eldorado in pretty ruff running condition, got it for scrap price. but the car does run pretty good now. hoping to find some answers on some of the bugs i could not get worked out.

06-02-12, 12:18 AM
Welcome, Rodney, you've come to the right place for info on keeping your Eldorado running. Hope you find what you are looking for here!

06-02-12, 12:50 AM
:welcome5:and :postpics:

Faded Crest
06-02-12, 01:15 AM
I responded to your question in the Eldo/Seville section.

Rodney 77
06-02-12, 01:29 AM
Thanks for the warm welcomes and i can do pics.

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06-09-12, 09:46 AM
time to buy one then!

06-09-12, 11:45 AM
:welcome: to CadillacForums Rodney! What part of TN are you from? I've got inlaws in the Bartlett area and find myself in TN several times a year. Love the BBQ and HATE Memphis! :hide:

06-09-12, 10:27 PM