: Has anyone added MRC shocks to one without them? Can it be done?

06-01-12, 01:07 AM
I would love to add them to my 2007 EXT. Is this possible? I have the 18" wheels, by the way.

06-01-12, 01:50 AM
I would think that that is not that simple. Besides the obvious hardware involved, there would need to be electronics that need to be tied into the ecu. I think it would be pretty $$. Are you sure you don't already have them? I thought all escalades 07+ have magnetic ride? Anything can be done with enough time and money. You just need to buy the parts.
I guess second question is why would you want to switch? I'm actually getting rid of mine because I think it's overated IMO. The ride is good but I beleive the shocks are of poor quality and need replacing far more than your average shocks. They are also very pricey to replace. I've been waiting for mine to go...fronts finally started leaking so they are gone...putting in the Arnott bilsteins. My EXT has 55k miles on it and this will be the 2nd time the front shocks will have been changed.

06-01-12, 06:15 AM
Someone here has done it before, can't remember who. IIRC, the job was pretty extensive and involved. Lots of wiring and programming, let alone the cost of the MRC shocks.

No, MRC was introduced in 2008 on the Platinum model. MRC was than standard, starting in 2009 on the models with 22" wheels.

06-01-12, 10:18 AM
WaterKing has done it before and has a very detailed thread about it. So yes it's possible but it's not exactly plug and play :)