: track time and video app for android.

05-31-12, 03:53 PM
I think I'm going to finally break down and purchase a system to record video and lap times while at the track. I have heard that these are available through the android phone. Does anyone have any experience with these and can you give me some pointers. Will the phone camera do a good job or do I need to buy a separate camera and try to sync the video to the track data?

06-02-12, 01:58 PM
Does anyone on here do track video? I've heard the iphone has some better programs but unfortunately I have the android. No help?

06-03-12, 12:46 AM
Since no one else is chiming in I'll take a shot: I don't really have much experience using a smart phone for on track video but I would imagine that the huge benefit would be cost: You already own the phone and the app for video is either built in, free or a few dollars. My only question is what would the video quality be for the phone? I guess this depends on how you will use the video. If it's just to have some fun and show friends, post on FB, etc. it's probably not a concern. I do a faier amount of video for track days (HPDE) and for SCCA club racing. I find I really need something high resolution (1080 p or the next resolution down) to see track details in order to learn from mistakes etc. I use either a Traqmate with a SONY HD camcorder mounted to the rollbar at the back of the car or borrow my coach's GoPro HERO HD camera which can be mounted just about anywhere with suction cups. The Traqmate is great of you are going to want to do data acquisition but if not, in my opinion the GoPro is hard to beat in terms of cost ($300?), utility, ease of use and video quality. Have fun!

06-03-12, 09:31 AM
I have used the Torque app. The video isn't too great at night. Daytime is much better. But I had to use the lowest quality to have it work best.

I haven't used it on a track, just tooling around town. It has potential, but I don't know if the phone has too many limitations or if I need to tinker.

06-03-12, 01:59 PM
Torque is the app I was looking at. I just found that a lot of times I went and did something and then someone else comments that they tried the same thing and it did not work very well. So I'm trying to learn from the experience of others on here.

I don't plan on recording at night. I have seen some of the displays on you tube and I think it might be very helpful to see relative speed at the apex of each turn in comparison to the line of approach. I don't think I need stellar video quality to get a good idea what is working and what is not. I have been able to look at this data on other cars that post their information on the web. Mainly it shows me how fast some of those little lotus's can enter the corner. So far I'm just going by the seat of my pants and I think I could pick it up some if I had hard numbers on what I'm doing.

Thanks again for the input guys. I have another track day in 2 weeks but I don't think I'm going to record on this one unless someone jumps in and says they have found the perfect low cost system that works. It seems that 2/3 of the guys out there at the track are recording their laps so I'll look into what they are using. I'll let you all know what I end up with and probably will be able to post some vids when I get it sorted out.