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I need to get to the Wiggly Seat thread. Can someone Copy and Paste it here?

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I need to get to the Wiggly Seat thread. Can someone Copy and Paste it here?

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Document ID# 1863385
2006 Cadillac STS


Subject: Front Seat Cushion Moves Sideways, Pops and Creaks When Turning (Install Rubber Hose (Vacuum Line) On Adjuster Rail) #06-08-50-010 - (09/21/2006)

Models: 2005-2007 Cadillac STS


Some customers may comment that the driver or passenger seat cushion moves sideways slightly while going around corners. They may also hear a pop or creak noise when this happens.

This condition may be caused by too much clearance between the seat cushion platform anchors and the seat adjuster rail.

Install four pieces of rubber hose (vacuum line) on the seat adjuster track following the procedure below:

Move the seat back and up in order to gain access.
Remove the power seat switch bezel by pulling the bezel away from the seat. This will disengage the retaining clips.
Remove the seat trim plate.
Disconnect the connector from the power seat switch.
Remove the two 10 mm nuts that retain the seat cushion to the adjuster rail.
Lift the front of the seat cushion up and forward in order to unfasten the rear hooks that retain the seat cushion to the adjuster rail.
Cut four pieces of 7/64 in rubber hose (vacuum line).

Split the rubber hose (vacuum line) down the side . Apply weatherstrip adhesive to the inside of the hose (vacuum line) and install to the seat adjuster rail.
Install the seat cushion to the adjuster rail.
Install the two 10 mm nuts.
Tighten the seat cushion nuts to 9 Nm (80 lb in).

Install the seat trim plate.
Connect the electrical connector to the power seat switch.
Install the power seat switch bezel.
Re-zero the inflatable restraint passenger presence system whenever the seat cushion or any components are removed. Refer to Control Module References.
Warranty Information
For vehicle repaired under warranty, use;

Labor Operation
Labor Time

Left Seat Cushion, Install Rubber Hose Adjuster Rail - R&R
0.3 hr

Right Seat Cushion, Install Rubber Hose Adjuster Rail - R&R
0.3 hr

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Document ID# 1863385
2006 Cadillac STS
Re: Wiggly seats?

I dove into this and fixed the seat myself. Pull off the two sided trim around front of seat. Disconnect the seat controls, or remove the entire module. You will find two 10mm nuts holding the front of the seat down on the rails. Remove these and lift the seat up, you will not be able to remove it completely so just work around it. You will see 4 square holes in the top of the rails, this is where the seat fits into. You may even see wear marks at these holes, ergo the movement and noise. Put small pieces of split vaccum hose with glue inside, on each side of these holes, 8, let the glue dry a little and then place the seat back into these holes. It will be a challenge to get the seat back in place, but it's just rubber hose and it will give. Use some downward force when resetting the studs in the front, replace the 10mm nuts and you are done. Just replace the trim panel. Most of these instructions will become clear once you are actually seeing the mechanics of it.
PS the only reason you need the glue is to keep those pieces of hose in place until after insertion. Joe P