: Water Dripping on my Foot!

05-29-12, 11:07 PM

On a drive from Dayton, OH back to Rochester, MI this past weekend (about 3.5 hour drive), I was getting a dripping of water from directly above the gas pedal onto my foot. It was in the mid 90's and sunny for the drive and I had the air on fairly low at 67F. It was dripping every couple minutes...for 3.5 hours!

Any chance that this may have happened to anyone else or has anyone ever heard of this? Any suggestions? As always, my first recourse is to try and handle it myself before having to fold and go to the dealer....yuck. This has never happened before. This is a 2011 Escalade with about 22,000 miles.

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05-29-12, 11:22 PM
I would take it in...warranty. May just be condensate if you had the air going but I'm not sure what is running through there about the pedals. Either way, if it were me, I'd take it in and get them to take a look.

05-30-12, 07:29 AM
Yea never happen to me , could see if you were sitting in the passenger seat, but have not heard on the drivers side, take it in or have it looked at, not normal

05-31-12, 04:51 PM
"Water Dripping on my Foot!"

I hate it when that happens. Just be a little more careful when you shake the snake.

Cadillac Cust Svc
06-01-12, 11:16 AM

I understand that you're looking to resolve this on your own before visiting your dealership; if you do decide to take advantage of your warranty coverage, please let us know your progress! We're available to assist in any way we can!

All the best,
Sarah (Assisting Katie)
Cadillac Customer Service

06-02-12, 02:03 PM
Sounds like the drain for the hvac box is clogged. The condensation is backing up into the truck and dripping. You would need to use a pick to clean out the drain tube. Or use compressed air to blow out the drain. HTH.


The evap case drain may be clogged. Could be cleaned with a pick or compressed air. The drain is on the firewall on the passenger side. HTH.

06-02-12, 08:42 PM
Be gentle if you hit it with air!!!

06-26-12, 09:53 AM
noticed it in my 07 esv, with AC on when very humid out, I chalked it up to condensation. Does not happen often, but YES, annoying!

07-27-12, 11:59 AM
any more info on this issue, i left my sunroof open at night, it rained (rookie mistake ) drove to work , no issues. it rained all day and when i left work on the first left turn water dripped on my left foot (a fair bit) then stopped. Fist time ive had this happen. Is their a plug or vent that causes this?